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White says that, in a later meeting in which he and a team of medical professionals planned to present a draft of a mental health policy to be added to his contract, Houston general manager Daryl Morey said he didn’t know that White suffered from generalized anxiety disorder before drafting him. The assertion blindsided White, whose condition had been widely covered prior to the draft. It also made him feel like the Rockets might be trying to set up a way to void his guaranteed contract if he didn’t comply with their requirements. “[Morey] was in a mode where he thought that he could bully me,” White said.
Of the seven double-digit win streaks this season, the Rockets are responsible for two of them, having also run off a string of 14 consecutive victories. They won the regular-season series against Golden State and have no reason to be overly deferential to the champs with the favorite to win the MVP in Harden and a player who was a part of the last Western Conference team to win a playoff series against the Warriors in Chris Paul. They are an unconscionable 34-1 when Harden, Paul and Clint Capela play together. “We respect the hell out of them. We respect all those guys and we know — you hear a lot from their GM [Daryl Morey] — but James, and CP and Trevor Ariza, those guys knuckle down and play. They leave the talking up to the GM and whoever else,” Kevin Durant told Yahoo Sports.
For the pro-tank crowd, that outcome would obviously be a massive disappointment. But because of the way drafting has trended, there’s reason for optimism. There have increasingly been franchise-level players found outside the top picks in the draft in recent years, and the Bulls might be able to capitalize on the mistakes of teams in front of them in the draft order. “As a league, we are getting worse at drafting,” Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey noted last month at the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference.
Zach Lowe: Did James Harden really just get tired in Games 5 and 6 of the Spurs series? Is that really all that happened? Daryl Morey: To end the games, he was very good the whole game in Game 5. Lowe: He was good– Morey: Yeah. Well, good is great. Lowe: –and now this idea is sort of it all hit him in this one moment. Morey: Only James Harden knows, I would say. My best understanding, which is literally only my understanding, is we put too much on him and it was too much of a burden. We didn’t have enough for him to go seven games against a quality team.
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Zach Lowe: Has your team convinced you that if that series happens… that you have a real chance to beat the real Warriors? Daryl Morey: James Harden and Chris Paul think we’ll beat the Warriors. Lowe: Clint Capela thinks you could beat every team in the history of basketball. He is not shy about saying it. Morey: There, you could chalk it up to the naivety and the overconfidence of youth. I mean, he’s still just 24. James and Chris have been in the league a long time. They have been deep in the playoffs many times. I think as a player, you have to go in confident. And I think we have a confident group right now. Obviously, we have to prove it.
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