Daryl Morey Rumors

Jenny Dial Creech: Here’s what Jason Terry had to say on @TheHerd in response to Dwight Howard’s comments about Daryl Morey. Jason Terry: “Definitely. It was something that was openly spoken about throughout the season. I have a great relationship with Dwight and he and I talk all the time because my job again is to keep these guys locked in and stay the course and that was one of the things that was hurtful to him and he couldn’t understand it. But I said ‘Dwight, sometime in your career, you are going to have to decide do you want to become a champion? If becoming a champion means set more screens, roll harder to the basket, run the floor more, then that’s what you have to do. You can’t worry about if I’m getting touches in the post. It doesn’t matter. It’s whatever your team needs you to do on that particular night to get the win. So Daryl Morey didn’t say we aren’t going to give you the ball. We’re just not going to give it to you in the post because that, not our style of play. I think Dwight – it took him awhile to understand but as the playoffs came, he took it on the thin and he became the force they wanted him to be. He was a walking double-double. And I thought that was big of him and showed a lot of maturity.”