Dave Bing Rumors

Another luminary in favor of the Pistons’ transfer to downtown Detroit: Stan Van Gundy. “Exciting move,” the Pistons head coach said following Wednesday’s shootaround, which preceded tonight’s 7:30 p.m. game against Miami at The Palace. “I believe Dave Bing has made the point,” Van Gundy continued, referring to the former Detroit mayor and Pistons star from the ‘60s and ‘70s, “that more than any other sport, basketball is a city game. More than any sport, basketball belongs in the city.”
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Basketball Hall of Famer Dave Bing has a pretty strong opinion: Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry is the best shooter in NBA history. “He is absolutely the best shooter that has played the game,” said Bing, who was named one of the Top 50 NBA players of all time. “Nobody’s close, except his teammate.” Curry’s teammate, of course, is Klay Thompson. But Bing gave Curry the nod over Thompson because of everything else he does.
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