Dave Joerger Rumors

It’s an alarming trend. The Kings come out with a lackluster effort early. They fall behind big. They make a game out of it only to run out of gas. “I don’t think we’re coming out with urgency,” Cousins said following the game. “Once again, we’re just waiting until the last minute to play with energy, play with a sense of urgency, play with some pride, play with some heart. I mean, it’s all fun, it’s exciting in the end – you feel like we’re playing good and making the right steps, but these games are only going to continue to get harder for us if we wait until the last quarter or I guess you could say second half to try to make a push. We’ve got to start having complete games.”
Be it the wrong mix of players on the floor, poor focus at shootaround or just a lack of effort early, changes are finally in store for the Kings’ starting lineup. “I’ve seen enough, I’m going to play small” coach Dave Joerger said following the game. “DeMarcus is going to play center.” “I don’t know who else is going to play with him, but it gives us more zip, more life, more experience,” Joerger said. “It’s not a detriment to anyone else and what they’ve done.”
And following the Clippers’ 121-115 victory Friday night at Golden 1 Center, Joerger said he’d be using small lineups more. The Kings have lost four consecutive games, so he’s looking for something to shake the team out of its struggles. “I’ve seen enough,” Joerger said. “We’re going to play small. DeMarcus is going to play center. I don’t know who else will play with him. It just gives us more zip, more life, more experience. That’s not any detriment to anyone else or what they’ve done.”
Storyline: Sacramento Kings Turmoil?