Dave Joerger Rumors

Grizzlies head coach Dave Joerger is among those who abide by the idea that Grit ‘n’ Grind is more spirit than scheme, but that hasn’t stopped him from outwardly questioning the composition of the roster. During the first weeks of his tenure, in the fall of 2013, he set out to jump-start the Grizzlies, employing more early actions like drag screens, thinking about static post sets more as contingencies and less as first options. Sources say that players grumbled and the Grizzlies’ two primary big men couldn’t be cajoled into running the floor — it’s just not who they are. After three weeks, Joerger pulled back on the turbo. The Grizzlies finished his first season as head coach last in the league in pace.
3 days ago via ESPN
“The time spent together and how we want to do it,” Joerger said. “End-of-game situations we’re defending pretty well. I think we’re executing pretty well offensively. We had two turnovers that were uncharacteristic, but maybe that’s the karma of the game because Karl-Anthony had two wide-open looks and didn’t get them to go down.” The Kings are now talking like a team that expects to make the right play late. Or at least know what play to make late. Cousins said that’s a credit to the coaching staff. “Nothing’s missed,” Cousins said. “If you’re messing up an assignment, it’s because you’re not listening or you don’t care. We’re well prepared for every game, so go out there and just do it.”
Cousins said Joerger could relate to his situation because the first-year Kings coach also said Sunday he was unhappy with a Bee story in August that stated the names and ages of the coach’s wife and two children in a story about his new home in a Sacramento suburb. “Of course, he dealt with a similar situation with the same people,” Cousins said. “He gets it. I respect him for that. I respect him for speaking out. He doesn’t have to. He went about it the right way. He spoke out on it. I respect him for that.”
4 weeks ago via ESPN