David Blatt Rumors

Blatt admitted that he and James don’t always see eye to eye, but said that their relationship has developed with time. “I have a good relationship with him,” claimed Blatt. “We went through a process. It took us time to get to know each other. We learned how to work together the best way possible. When you work with a star of that magnitude the relationship is slightly different. It isn’t like with any other player. I learned from this process. We both want the same thing, but don’t always agree about everything. Our relationship will only continue to improve as we continue to work together. Things aren’t always smooth, but I’m not competing against him, I’m working with him.”
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“I’m happy and proud of what we achieved in our first season,” said Blatt. “It gives us a lot of confidence and motivation to come back next year and take one more step towards our goal. Of course I will continue in Cleveland, there is no question. For me this was a fantastic, interesting and challenging year. I learned a lot and I feel that I needed this year to become a part of the best league in the world. I will be a lot more comfortable next season as well as a better coach.”
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There are two dueling storylines about the team. One is that Blatt is overmatched as coach, held in low regard by James and not really in control. The latest report on that came from ESPN’s Marc Stein. I don’t doubt much of what Stein reported, at least in terms of James yelling at Blatt and others. He has done that for years with his coaches. I interviewed Dru Joyce, who coached James from the age of 10 to 18. He told me how in one of his first games as St. Vincent-St. Mary head coach, James insisted that he change defenses. Soon, James was joined by Dru Joyce III, the coach’s son. Joyce pulled the team out of press, and the Irish went on to win the game.
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Griffin was exasperated at the conjecture about Blatt’s future with the team. “I just don’t know what we’re really critiquing at this point anymore,” Griffin said. Griffin said Cavs owner Dan Gilbert will review the basketball operations department. “Ownership will look at this from the top down, and they’re going to look at me. They’ll look at David, and they’re going to look at all of us, and we’re going to try to get better,” Griffin said. “That’s what we do all the time.”
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