David Blatt Rumors

James doesn’t like to reference power—“People confuse that word way too often,” he says—choosing opportunity instead. According to James, coach David Blatt gives him the opportunity to change plays based on what he sees from the defense, and he takes advantage when he thinks an edge can be gained. “Coach is the captain,” James says. “I’m one of his generals.” Specific military rank notwithstanding, some executives outside the Cavs’ walls chuckle at depictions of James calling more audibles than Peyton Manning. “All we want is for our star to take ownership, to be invested in our success,” says another GM. “Being too invested, which I understand is the knock on him, seems like an O.K. problem.”
Now that he’s been called the focal point of the offense multiple times by James and Blatt has indicated just as often they’re running more through him, Blatt conceded it was more difficult to bench him than it was last season. 11. “It was not a plan going in. It was a situational, game-time feel thing and again, Kevin gave us a heck of a game in the moments he played,” Blatt said. “We just played the lineup that helped us win. Is it going to be the same thing next time? Not necessarily. We’re just going to try to play to win games and not think about anything else.”