David Blatt Rumors

DM: You mentioned Coach Blatt, and I know last year during the time from the point you took over through the championship you guys had communication. Do you guys have much of a relationship these days? TL: I talked to him a couple times this season. I think he’s in the Final Four over there [in Turkey] right now. Phil [Handy] talked to him the other day and he told him to tell me hello. But I’m very supportive of Coach Blatt, he’s very supportive of me. He gave me my opportunity to come here and it was good. It’s just sad the way it ended, the way it happened and the circumstances, but he understood that I have his back and we’re still cool. So, that’s the most important thing to me.
3 months ago via ESPN
Ferrell recounted each sputter on the train back from the failed tryout. “A lot of time just to sit and think about it,” he said. “I felt like, it didn’t work for Brooklyn, it didn’t work for the Sixers, what’s going to be next for me?” His break-in-case-of-emergency option, playing overseas in Europe, grew increasingly more attractive. By late January, Ferrell’s agent, Keith Kreiter, had arranged a phone call with former Cavaliers head coach David Blatt to discuss the logistics of joining Darussafaka in Turkey. Mere hours before Blatt was scheduled to call, Mavericks general manager Donnie Nelson intervened with a 10-day contract. “It happened fast,” Ferrell said.