David Falk Rumors

It will continue to be OK for different agents within the same agency to represent players, coaches and management, so long as they are separated by a so-called “Chinese wall,” which is customary in the legal profession. But some in the agent community believe that doesn’t go far enough. “I asked the union when it was going through the Billy Hunter case, ‘Why don’t you hire the same lawfirm that Billy Hunter is using to defend himself and put up a Chinese wall?” longtime player agent David Falk told CBS Sports. “That’s exactly how absurd it is.”
Colangelo and Brand’s agent, David Falk, have a 40-year relationship and that was part of it when Colangelo went searching for a calming veteran presence on a roster that likes to run the streets as well as run the floor. That one of those youngsters who needs calming down is rookie Jahlil Okafor, who, like Brand, played at Duke for Mike Krzyzewski, also had something to do with it. When the call comes, it is answered.
Jared Sullinger has been playing very well for the Celtics this season. So well, in fact, that one might think the club was remiss in not locking him up with a contract extension before the Nov. 2nd deadline. In truth, however, there was no deal to be had. “We didn’t spend one second discussing an extension for him,” said Sullinger’s representative, the estimable David Falk. “Danny [Ainge] wasn’t in a position to give the max, so there was really nothing to talk about.
“I believe Jared’s going to be a very, very valuable free agent next summer. I don’t think there are very many good free agents next summer. The cap’s going to up $20 million dollars, and I think at that point it’s just a more natural time to talk about it. Most people — including Danny, who knows me well — understand that that’s my philosophy. It has nothing to do with them getting a bargain or not getting a bargain. Unless Danny came to me and said, ‘Would you be interested in maxing out Jared Sullinger?’ there’s really nothing to talk about.
Storyline: Jared Sullinger Free Agency
Monroe wasn’t pushing the storyline, though: He was reluctant to delve into details about his 2015 free agency, which he now views as irrelevant to the upcoming season. His agent, David Falk, told the News that all four teams that met with Monroe in free agency — including the Knicks, Lakers and Blazers — were offering max deals for any number of years desired. In the end, Falk said, the decision was centered on Milwaukee’s position as an emerging contender in the Eastern Conference.