David Fizdale Rumors

David Fizdale: “It’s disgusting (to equate the Nazi marchers with Black Lives Matter protesters). What are you taking about here, how can you even say that? You watch those people march up the street with their little — they’re so ridiculous looking with their tiki torches, they’ve actually got tiki torches, that says enough — but you see them marching up the street and what’s coming out of their mouths, and you tell me that they’re just there quietly protesting? And you’re telling me that there were some good people in that crowd? You can’t say that.”
David Fizdale: “So the fact that they was in unison, marching, saying all of these things, you can’t tell me there’s a good person in there. And for (President Trump) to put those protesters that were there to stop them in the same boat as those awful, evil people that are there to just wreak havoc on that beautiful city, I’ve been to that city, Charlottsville is an awesome city.”
During Fizdale’s eight years with the Heat, he helped James win two championships. He recently appeared as a guest on ESPN’s Mike & Mike and spoke about what James was like off the court when the world isn’t watching. According to Fizdale, James really does care about everyone from the head coach to the guy on end of the bench.
“I don’t know how many times I came into the office and there was a gift on our desk from LeBron because he’d get so much free crap,” Fizdale said on the show. “I never got so many Christmas gifts in my life. He would do stuff like that for no reason. That was the part I will always remember about him, the things he would do for us.”