David Fizdale Rumors

If there’s one thing Stern doesn’t love – never has, and never will – it’s the chronic complaints from coaches about officiating this time of year. Here’s looking at you David Fizdale and Fred Hoiberg. “(It’s) really just a modern version of what a coach tries to do to inspire his players and attempt to influence the officiating,” Stern said. “That’s as old as Pat Riley and Phil Jackson (doing it) back in the day. If the moon is up during the playoffs – (if it’s not) on a Sunday or a Saturday afternoon – the coaches will be baying at the moon and at the officiating.
Storyline: Officiating Complaints
And then, just a few minutes after being at that apogee, we ask the participants to summarize their emotions and experiences. Most do it very well. Fizdale does it very well. Most of the time. “Your adrenaline is out of control,” D’Antoni said. “Either bad or good. Even after wins. You’re tired and your emotions are raw. It has happened in the past and it will happen again, because that’s just human nature.”