David Fizdale Rumors

Fizdale is convinced that the league and experienced coaches will find a resolution that makes sense for all involved. “I grew up on the back end of old school — if you’re healthy, you play. But I also understand what some of these teams are looking at,” Fizdale said. “We’re paying these guys a lot of money. And teams are going to err on the side of protecting that investment. We’ve become engaged in the science, and it’s here to stay.”
And Fizdale’s not going to stop demanding that his best players, Gasol included, be a bigger part of decision-making. He’s committed to building a strong, collaborative culture, similar to the one he saw thrive in Miami. “The culture is not going to be compromised. That’s just what it is. That is being put into place for longevity, the way we conduct ourselves, compete, the way we are as professionals, the way we treat each other and interact with each other, that’s a staple. It’s always being tested, especially in adversity, but that’s what culture is there for. The teams that don’t have a culture, they will break in moments like this. The teams that do, they weather this stuff, and they’re better on the back side for it. I’m expecting this team to be better on the back side for this.”