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But the GM also said it isn’t his job to appease the league and its television partners (which include ESPN). “Yeah, and they’re paying me to win a championship,” he told Shelburne. “I’m not overly concerned about the perception of it. We literally had one guy rest tonight, and everybody else was reasonably injured, so I don’t feel like we did anything terribly egregious.”
6 days ago via ESPN
Griffin said the Cavs’ situation was different than that of the Warriors, who rested healthy players against the Spurs. “It was nothing like the last time that happened,” he told ESPN, referring to last weekend. “Those were three healthy dudes that rested. That’s not what happened tonight. Yeah, it sucks from a timing perspective. I feel bad for the league. I really do. I feel bad for the league, but it is what it is for us, from an injury standpoint. As you know, we haven’t had a team together for more than a week at a time all year.”
6 days ago via ESPN
At some point in the fourth quarter, once it became clear the Cavs were going to finish this blowout without threat, Tyronn Lue sent a ball boy up to the executive box where GM David Griffin and his assistants watch every home game. 2. Lue wanted to know if it was all right to play Larry Sanders. It was made clear when he signed Monday that Sanders wasn’t ready for the NBA, that he’d have to go to the Development League for at least a little while to get his legs under him. But with the Cavs enjoying a blowout and Lue clearing his bench, he wanted that to include his new big man. 3. “Two minutes,” was the response from Griffin. So Sanders went to the scorer’s table as the Cavs came out of a timeout with 2:20 left and DeAndre Liggins committed a foul with 1:58 to play to get Sanders in the game. The crowd roared as he was introduced and Sanders ran onto an NBA floor for the first time in 27 months.
“He’s very cognizant of the mistakes he had made, he’s very aware of the things he learned about himself that he didn’t know and he started acting on those things,” Griffin said. “He knew exactly what he needed to do because he sought help. We’re excited about the possibility that this could be a good fit for him. We’re not in a situation where we need him to save us, so we get to get what we can from Larry. Again, this is really about a long-term play, it’s about having somebody that potentially has great upside and somebody we’re excited about. Not somebody that we need to count on today.”