David Griffin Rumors

Free agency is just one part of the equation for the cap-strapped Cavaliers. There’s also the question about whether Richard Jefferson, who has teased fans about holding off retirement, will play one more year. Then, of course, Kevin Love’s future remains a constant talking point despite Tyronn Lue expressing his desire for the starting power forward to return. “I think our best basketball is in front of us because we finally organically grew to the point that we were ready to achieve something together,” Griffin said. “I expect you’re going to see better play from Kyrie Irving who I think took a huge jump as both an individual talent and a winner throughout these playoffs. I think Kevin’s fit with us is much more clearly defined. We intend to keep this group together and see what we’re capable of.”
“It was a ballsy move in the middle of the season when we’re 31-11,” Gilbert said. “It’s just, for this team, at that point, it was David Griffin who made the call, and we backed it. That’s the thing, if you’re going to believe in your general manager, you either believe in him, or you don’t. If you believe in him, then you gotta back it, because if you don’t, he’ll start changing his behavior. He’ll start acting differently.” It was a difficult move for Gilbert to make. Gilbert, who is Jewish, had been a supporter of Blatt and had taken pride in bringing the Israeli coach to the NBA and giving him a chance to succeed. When Blatt was hired, it was front-page news in Israel. But, says Gilbert: “You have to separate religion. David Blatt, no matter what he does, he’s going to be looked at in the history books as one of the most successful coaches, across many different countries and leagues.”