David Griffin Rumors

But it was that initial call that changed everything. General Manager David Griffin was on the line. In speaking with numerous sources close to the “The Call,” cleveland.com learned the details. There were no initial pleasantries. Griffin got right to the point — David Blatt was being relieved of his duties. Lue’s response was candid and immediate. “This is f—– up, Griff.”
“Look who’s here,” James shouted. He was referring to Channing Frye. Frye, who is always punctual, was late arriving this time around. They laughed and embraced. James then went around the room carrying out choreographed handshakes with his teammates. For approximately 10 minutes, James, Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson, Frye, James Jones, Dahntay Jones and Richard Jefferson just stood in place talking. General Manager David Griffin was off to the side watching. “This is special,” he told me. “This wasn’t there before.” He was alluding to the team camaraderie that has blossomed of late.
In 2014, Frye was a free agent again. David Griffin, who helped recruit him to Phoenix over Cleveland five years earlier, was the new GM in Cleveland and trying to do it again. David Griffin sold Frye on playing with Kyrie Irving and told him about plans to sign free agent Gordon Hayward. They swapped numbers and approached a deal. Then James’ agent called about his return to Cleveland and the breaks were slammed. Frye ended up in Orlando. Now it was 2016, and Frye and the Cavs were moving into alignment again. Griffin was competing with the Los Angeles Clippers to get Frye from the Magic. Griffin could get him for a second-round pick — the Magic preferred the Cavs’ deal — but the catch was the Cavs had to swallow Frye’s contract.