David Stern Rumors

I consider Houston my second home, so I want to say something to the people of Houston. You stood by me in good and bad times. You gave me strength to move forward. I will always consider you my family. I am a Texan and a Houston Rocket for life. All of this would not be possible without the vision of David Stern and the NBA. Thank you to David Stern, Adam Silver, Kim Bohuny and everyone at the NBA for your kindness and support.
In the late 1980s to early 1990s, Stern worked closely with then FIBA Secretary General (and current FIBA Secretary General Emeritus) Borislav Stankovic to bring professional basketball players to the world stage. This was in line with an objective of Samaranch, who was pursuing the idea of having professional athletes take part in the Olympics. The success the three men achieved was best exemplified by the presence of the USA’s “Dream Team” at the Barcelona Games in 1992, a phenomenon which opened a new era for international basketball. “I am greatly honored to have been selected for induction into the FIBA Hall of Fame,” said Stern. “I am proud of my collaboration with Borislav Stankovic to unite and strengthen basketball on a global basis, which has been continued by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and FIBA Secretary General Patrick Baumann. It is also a great honor for me to be inducted with Hakeem Olajuwon and the other class of 2016 inductees who have contributed so much to our game.”
“When I learned we would have the option of naming the road, it was a no-brainer for me,” Kings principal owner Vivek Ranadive told The Sacramento Bee on Monday. “There were no other names on my list. David took the NBA to the global level and started the WNBA, but he is about so much more than basketball. He is one of the greatest leaders in the world, and on top of that, the team would not be in Sacramento without David Stern.”
“David and I had a peculiar relationship,” Hunter said. “I don’t know that we were always distrusting of one another. I respect David for the job he did. I think he did a great job and the league is the beneficiary. I don’t think I ever got any credit, even from the media. You guys were the ones who made all the characterizations and I was always scratching for whatever I could get. “I don’t dislike him,” Hunter said. “The difference was, I had a job to do and he had a job to do. And I did it. I didn’t let anything interfere with that.”