David Stern Rumors

“When I learned we would have the option of naming the road, it was a no-brainer for me,” Kings principal owner Vivek Ranadive told The Sacramento Bee on Monday. “There were no other names on my list. David took the NBA to the global level and started the WNBA, but he is about so much more than basketball. He is one of the greatest leaders in the world, and on top of that, the team would not be in Sacramento without David Stern.”
“David and I had a peculiar relationship,” Hunter said. “I don’t know that we were always distrusting of one another. I respect David for the job he did. I think he did a great job and the league is the beneficiary. I don’t think I ever got any credit, even from the media. You guys were the ones who made all the characterizations and I was always scratching for whatever I could get. “I don’t dislike him,” Hunter said. “The difference was, I had a job to do and he had a job to do. And I did it. I didn’t let anything interfere with that.”
One of the most alarming parts of that was the email back, where he basically told me to stay off Twitter. He basically disregarded my notion that we should meet face to face and have a real understanding about what it was I was talking about. He told me basically I talked to your agent, stay off of Twitter. No. 1, that’s disrespectful and undermining, but No. 2, it showed that what was important was the face value of the brand and not the mental health policy.”
He believes that the NBA, like other businesses, operates in a profit-first mode that doesn’t value its employees as much as it does continuing a system that maximizes money instead of, as White puts it, “finding a harmony between humanitarianism and entrepreneurship.” He makes it clear, over the course of two long phone conversations that he does not want to tear down the NBA. He wants to make it better. But he’s not going to compromise on how he thinks that can happen. “Yes, there’s ingenuity, and yes, there’s profit,” he says. “But there’s also a compass, a True North, that always points to what’s going to help people. In all fairness, the NBA probably has a group of people who believe that that’s who they are, too. And there may be a group of people who really are that. I’m not saying Adam Silver is an (expletive). I want you to quote me. I’m not saying David Stern is an (expletive). What I’m saying is they have allowed themselves to become part of a system that does not fully represent what they could be.”