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David Thorpe, executive director of the Pro Training Center in Clearwater, Florida, and an NBA writer for ESPN.com, says he actually rejects altogether the notion that Ingram must gain weight to play in the NBA. “I firmly believe he has to get stronger, [but] athletes get stronger. So do non-athletes,” says Thorpe, who has worked in player development since 1993 with more than 70 NBA and hundreds of European basketball players. “This is a game of speed and skill. The list of skinny guys that lasted a long time is very, very long.” “Adding weight presents way more risk than reward. It’s not going to make him jump higher, run faster or quicker. It might help him hold his position in the post, but did the Lakers draft him to put him in the post? If the biggest problem Brandon Ingram has in the next five years is that he can’t hold his position in the post, I think the Lakers will be very happy.”
1 year ago via ESPN
Lots of opinions about the Thunder hire of Billy Donovan. But my favorite NBA analyst is David Thorpe, a former coach who now works with players individually — he’s worked with Serge Ibaka — and is a regular contributor to truehoop blog. Thorpe talked about Donovan in an interview with Henry Abott, which you can read here. And here’s what Thorpe says about Donovan. He’s like Scotty Brooks. And Thorpe says that’s a good thing. “I think he’s going to be, oh boy, excuse me for saying this. I think it’s going to be a lot like Scotty Brooks. I love Scotty Brooks. I think he’s (Donovan) going to be a lot like him. I don’t think he’s the most creative offensive coach. That’s the worst thing I can say about him. Guys are going to love playing for him. He’s going to definitely preach defense. He’ll probably get guys to share better than what they did in Oklahoma City, and if they can’t, then we’ll know it was just the players all along anyway.”
“He’s going to be really consistent with his message,” Thorpe said of Donovan. “He used to be a maniac as a coach. By the way, so was I and pretty much every guy in their 20s coaching. Billy is really poised and mature with his guys. We’re not best friends or anything, I’ve known him for probably 20some odd years now. But it was just a year ago, Florida had won 30 straight games. They were Kentucky a year ago without the NBA players. Had won 30 straight, then just got exhausted by the time the Final Four came around. But his guys will compete. He’s the best coach in college, I think, in terms of getting his guys to really understand spacing. In the NBA, that will work out even better. That’s a talent that he has. He knows how to talk to players and get into them and get the best out of them. I think he’s more like Scotty Brooks. Again, I think that’s a good thing. He’ll be a different voice, he has a different way about him. He’s a New York guy and all of that. So the end result will be positive. They’re a really talented team, which is why I think he’s going in the first place.”
In the latest episode of ESPN’s TrueHoop TV, coach David Thorpe gives Jason Kidd about the most negative rating one could give a coach, squarely placing the blame for the Brooklyn Nets’ early struggles on the team’s new head coach. His exact words, when asked to rate Kidd: “He gets an F. He gets a 0. My wife could coach a team to a 29th ranking for that team. She doesn’t know much about basketball. He just… his guys, I don’t think they have any purpose and passion to what they’re doing. I think they’re discombobulated. Listen, Henry, he was an amazing player, one of my favorite of all time for a lot of different reasons, but our profession is different from his profession, and to assume that that transition is easy, it’s a short bridge, is crazy. He has a long way to go to figure this out. Do I think he’ll be better? Will they be better? It seems very likely. But as he’s currently doing, he’s the worst coach in the NBA.”