Dell Demps Rumors

That includes exploring the trade market. “We will do what’s needed to get this team on track,” Demps said. “Obviously we dug ourselves a deep hole. And it’s going to be tough for us to fight back into it this year. But we’re always looking for the long term as well as the short term. We haven’t given up on the season. People always ask about trades: ‘Are you gonna make a trade? Are you gonna do something for the short term?’ I say, ‘We have to do what makes sense.’ We can’t just make a trade just to make a trade, get rid of a guy and bring back lesser talent, or that’s going to make the team deficient. So we’re looking right now. But we gotta be smart, we gotta make sure that we’re looking at the right things. But at the same time, we’re gonna look internally, gonna look to see if we can find the right combinations out on the floor that can help us win right now.”
Saints GM Mickey Loomis has taken on a greater personnel role above GM Dell Demps, but rival execs understand that move is only temporary. “Mickey is a football guy, not a basketball guy,” one exec said. And at the D-League Showcase, the buzz was getting louder that it’s only a matter of time before former Pistons executive Joe Dumars — who has a close relationship with Saints and Pelicans owner Tom Benson — returns to his native Louisiana to assume control. That’s usually how it works. When someone is assuming control in the NBA, he usually has a mess on his hands.