Dennis Lindsey Rumors

As for analysts’ mock drafts, most of which are pegging Kuzma in the middle of the second round, he acknowledged he sees them, but doesn’t think about them too much. “Of course you’re going to look at them, but at the end of the day, it’s not (San Antonio Spurs general manager) R.C. Buford’s or (Utah Jazz general manager) Dennis Lindsey’s mock draft,” he said. “It’s DraftExpress. They don’t really have too much say. I just come in, work, and something’s working for me, so I’ve just got to stick with it.”
Dennis Lindsey knows significant hurdles remain before the team becomes a true contender. His first priority is making sure the Jazz are able to retain key players. “Player retention would be the next step,” Lindsey said Thursday. “Player development. A strategic add that can complement the group where there’s just a really good fit. Whether that fit is mentality, experience or skill-set.”