Dennis Lindsey Rumors

In an interview on The Vertical podcast with Adrian Wojnarowski, Jazz general manager Dennis Lindsey went on the record with some of his complaints with how the Jazz are officiated, including some more concrete data from the league’s confidential reports that cover the entire 48 minutes of every NBA game. “The data does tell us at times, that when we’re grabbed, held, pushed or pulled, it’s about every third or fourth game that it’s not appropriately called, we’ll suffer from what’s called a high-discrepancy game, which we define as a margin of four or more missed calls in either direction,” Lindsey explained. “Over a three-year period, the high-discrepancy games were 12-72 against us,” Lindsey said.
Not only do Jazz coach Quin Snyder and general manager Dennis Lindsey have fond memories of working for the Spurs before they headed West, but Gregg Popovich admires what they’re doing in Utah as well. “I’ve always been impressed with the Jazz from way, way, way back when, as I think everybody knows,” Popovich said. “In this edition with Quin there and Dennis, they’ve done a great job.”
Jazz GM Dennis Lindsey, Mike Wells (Bolomboy’s position coach) and Taylor meet weekly to discuss, among other things, what to do with Bolomboy that week. “It’s been a fun process,” says Bolomboy. “I get an opportunity to play and to get better, and when I’m with the Jazz I try to learn and pick up things from teammates, then come down here and test it out. Sometimes we experiment with things they want me to do, whether it’s running a play for me or posting up or shooting a three.”
Morey continues to insist that it was as much Alexander’s ideas as his own. “From the moment I interviewed here, to the people that were here before, like Dennis Lindsey (now the Jazz GM), and Rudy (Tomjanovich), they’ll tell you this is how he always felt like basketball should be played,” Morey said. “Obviously, I agreed with him, and we’ve been working towards that.” It’s not hard to find the genesis of Alexander’s philosophy. His Rockets won back to back titles in the Grab-and-Clutch era of the NBA in 1994 and ’95, leading league in 3-point attempts both seasons.