Doc Rivers Rumors

“It’s going to be hard on some of them,” Clippers coach Doc Rivers said. “The guy that played the minutes before was Austin, he played those (40-minute games). We don’t want to do that. That’s probably why we didn’t play as hard, because guys were playing too many minutes. I think J.J.’s minutes have to go up a little bit, Jamal’s minutes will have to go up because we don’t want to tax Raymond and Austin to the point that they’re not doing what they do well. Raymond’s a great ball pressure guy. If you start playing him 38 minutes, his ball pressure goes down.”
Crawford has acknowledged trying to find his sweet spot with this roster, which includes a much-improved bench with players who you can classify as “scorers” at four of the five positions in the normal second unit. “It’s just different. Out of all my years here, instead of me just attacking, it’s a whole unit attacking,” Crawford said. “It’s the most people with the same mindset. It’s another challenge, but I accept it because it’s better for the team.