Doc Rivers Rumors

“I would have absolutely been interested in bringing him here. You always find a place for a guy like that, whose voice in the locker room is so strong, so clear, so impactful. “He’s such a great teacher in practice. He should start a course in leadership. The NBA should designate who the best player is on each team and then they could bring Kevin in and he could teach them how to be the best player and the best leader. Better yet, they could bring him and Tim [Duncan] in and they could teach it together and show people how it can be done in two completely opposite ways.”
7 hours ago via ESPN
Both Muhammad Ali, the man whose pictures were on Rivers’ wall, and Grady, wanted social equality. It’s partly why Rivers respects current athletes, such as the San Francisco 49ers’ Colin Kaepernick, who are willing to protest. “Listen, we need social change. If anyone wants to deny that, they just need to study the history of our country,” he told the Southern California News Group on Friday. “… I’ve said it 100 times. There’s no more American thing to do than to protest. It’s the most patriotic thing we can do. There are protests I like and protests I don’t like. It doesn’t matter. …Protests are meant to start conversation. The conversation, you hope, leads to acknowledgement, and the acknowledgement leads to action. We’re, right now, still in the conversation.”
Matt Barnes talked about his discussions with the Clippers during free agency in a podcast interview with JJ Redick. JJ Redick: Earlier in the summer before free agency, I spoke with Doc [Rivers] about you in hopes that we would bring you back. And I know that you guys had communicated a little bit during free agency. Was there any sort of avenue that we could have got you back? Matt Barnes: Yeah. It was an interesting situation. You know me well enough on and off the court to know that my last season with you guys when we beat the Spurs in the playoffs and lost to Houston, it was a bad year for me off the court from the standpoint that I was going through a divorce. Off the court, I was a little on edge, as far as my moods being up and down, and Doc and I just happened to clash. (…) Even though we got mad at each other, it was really still an open line of communication. Being traded to Memphis, I called him during the season just because I felt bad about how things went down. We had a good conversation, I apologized, he apologized and we pretty much buried the hatchet.