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Blake Griffin, among others, generally refuses to call Warriors–Clippers a rivalry despite the recent history between these two teams. Most outside observers would call this a rivalry. Where do you stand? Rivers: “I know the Lakers and Celtics were a rivalry. Now, we have these quick drive-through rivals where you have one go at them and all of a sudden you’re a ‘rivalry.’ We’ve only played the Warriors in one series [in 2014]. We won that. I guess that started the rivalry. “Even before I got here, I heard all this talk about these two teams not liking each other. That’s good. Maybe we’ve got an ‘in-state rivalry.’ I don’t really care one way or the other. We want to beat them and they want to beat us. Not because we don’t like them, maybe we do or maybe we don’t, but we want to beat them because they’re in our way. We’d like to be in their way but we really haven’t been the last two years.”
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Rivers was whistled for a technical foul and then handed a second technical and an automatic ejection by lead official Ken Mauer, which set Rivers off. “I thought it was an awful tech,” Rivers said after the Clippers lost for a third straight time on the road. “Honestly, I think you guys know why the tech was called,” Rivers continued. “The official who had nothing to do with the play thought I was yelling at Lauren, and I wasn’t. Actually, she said, ‘Doc, you’re right,’ or whatever, ‘Let’s walk back.’ We were walking. We weren’t even arguing. So it was the damnedest tech to give at that time.
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The loss was the Clippers’ third in a row after starting the season with 14 wins in 16 games. They fell to the Detroit Pistons 108-97 last Friday and the Indiana Pacers 91-70 on Sunday. Star forward Blake Griffin sat out for rest in Brooklyn, but that’s hardly an excuse against a Nets team without guard Jeremy Lin. “Tonight we got ‘good’ all of a sudden,” Rivers said. “We were walking around like we’ve done something. And that bothers me because we’ve done crap. Look, we haven’t done crap. And for us to walk around against a team, to me, that is playing their hearts out every night to just win one game, for us to walk around like we’ve done something, it bothers me on a basketball level. And so I didn’t like it. I didn’t want us to lose. But I’m all right with it, honestly, because I think you deserve it when you do that.”