Dominican Republic Rumors

Before Malik was born, basketball was already a part of his family’s life. His father, Michael Beasley, was playing professional ball overseas in Chile, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. Malik can still recall the old newspaper clippings with stories in Spanish detailing some of his dad’s best games. “He has these newspapers from his time playing. They’re old and covered in coffee stains. I couldn’t ever read them because they were in Spanish, but I would just say, ‘wow, that could be me.’” By the age of two, Malik already have a basketball in his hand. “My first word was ‘basket.’”
His dad put Malik into an organization basketball YMCA program where Malik began to learn how to play the game. From then now, Malik and his father began to put in the work. “Once I decided I loved the game, it was time to get to work.” From early morning workouts to practices to games, Michael Beasley was along to help support Malik. “At first those early mornings, I didn’t really like it. At 6AM, I didn’t want to get up. But then, when I realized I really could make it to the NBA, it was my dad who I had to wake up instead of me.”