Dominique Wilkins Rumors

Craig Hodges: My kids and I arrived in Salt Lake City a day before the competition. As we stepped off the elevator at the hotel, Dominique Wilkins walked toward us. I waved. The last time Dominique and I had spoken, he and I were laying the wreath on Martin Luther King Jr.’s gravesite. “The Human Highlight Film,” as Wilkins was nicknamed, dropped his eyes, turned, and walked in the other direction. “Come on kids, let’s get to our room,” I said, already feeling disillusioned less than an hour after arriving in Utah. What was being said about me? I was confused.
Who is the best dunker you have ever seen? Julius Erving: I’ll tell you; Zach has put on a show the last couple of years. He has to get kudos. I don’t know if the surprise factor and the timing coordination dunks that he does are as impactful as what Vince Carter brought to the scene when he did a few things that hadn’t been seen before. I think with Connie Hawkins, myself, Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins, Clyde Drexler, there’s a lineage there, and I think Vince shook it up a little bit there with a couple of dunks there. I’m gonna let him reside in that spot right there.
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Yes, you read that headline correctly. Rapper Master P has announced his intentions to make new sneakers for NBA Hall of Famer Dominique Wilkins. Master P’s no stranger to making his own footwear, and he even had a few NBA contracts in the late ’90s, but truth be told, this idea seems like it came out of nowhere. “I’m working on something right now, real soon, the Dominique Wilkins shoes,” Master P said in an interview with Hip Hop Wired while wearing a Wilkins throwback jersey.