Donald Trump Rumors

“I enjoy the back and forth,” Dinwiddie added, flashing a grin. “Sometimes these people have great insight, positive or negative – but sometimes it’s crazy stuff, and I usually like responding to the crazy stuff because they make no sense. This is the same reason I have some political tweets too and people will comment back ‘MAGA’ or ‘stick to basketball,’ and say ‘you don’t know what you’re talking about,’” Dinwiddie continued, followed by a laugh. “It’s like because I play basketball, I don’t know that Donald Trump hid his tax returns? So I can’t have any amount of common sense because I’m an entertainer? What does this mean, what are y’all saying?”
For the 24-year old University of Colorado alum, part of bettering the human race is saying what you believe, and having the conviction to back it up. For instance, his take on Donald Trump cutting taxes for the rich. Dinwiddie is definitely not on board. “I’ve heard it’ll benefit me…maybe me getting another $100,000 would be nice, but there’s going to be 24 million people that are going to lose health care, so what’s the tradeoff here?” Dinwiddie asked. “Is my additional money, whatever it is, worth that? “I’m objectively weighing…okay…this amount of money in my pocket versus, 24 million people losing health care. As a human being you can’t sit here, look at that and say ‘oh yes, that’s right.’ Beyond the things he (Trump) said that were white, black, whether I agree with him or not…did I want a little bit more money to screw over millions of people? There’s no way you can look at your life and say ‘I’m this fortunate, and I need even more at the expense of people who make less than $40,000 a year.”
With President Trump going after North Korea, there’s one man who says he can HELP the situation … Dennis Rodman! Of course, The Worm has not only met with Kim Jong-un … but he worked for Trump on ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’ He’s got his hand in music now too, Rodman’s featured on Mansionz new single — which hit the top of Spotify — called “Dennis Rodman” … of course. He’s the perfect middleman, right? Rodman says he hasn’t spoken with Trump about his experience in Pyongyang … but would love to brief POTUS if he can find the time.
“Because of the impact Trump has made with his words and his actions, it almost doesn’t matter if you’re conservative or liberal,” Kerr said. “It’s more about if you have a daughter, it’s kind of hard to watch Trump say, ‘I just grab them by the pussy.’ … Now some people aren’t offended by that, but I can tell you all our players are. A lot of them have daughters. … It’s the lack of dignity and respect, and the ensuing chaos, that has really initiated this sort of response from athletes you didn’t see before.”
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: On President Trump: “I hope that he would understand that Islam is not about violence and aggressive behavior. Islam is supposed to be about peace. And the people who he wants to keep out of this country don’t practice Islam. They practice violence. And they come in all shapes and colors and religions and it’s not just Islam. It’s not Islam at all. He has to really understand that some of the things he does and says can negatively affect the things he’s trying to change.”