Donnie Nelson Rumors

Cuban’s unofficial advisory council — which includes president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson, Carlisle, head athletic trainer Casey Smith and Nowitzki — shared a consensus concern about a long-term commitment to Parsons. As free agency approached, team sources say they were unanimous that it’d be a poor business decision to commit a major share of the Mavs’ salary cap to Parsons for the next four years because of his knee problems. Two team sources also cited locker room concerns with Parsons, although those were labeled as “forgivable, fixable things.” The primary concern: The fact that Parsons was so close with Cuban and wielded so much power in personnel matters.
2 months ago via ESPN
Actually, I got a few props from Legends owner Donnie Nelson and Legends coach Bob MacKinnon. “Congratulations, you made history,’’ Nelson said. “I think the oldest guy that we had tryout before you that came in was actually 40, so you beat him by 22 years. “The odds are that it’s also a D-League record as well. I was just waiting for you to break out one of those old school sky hooks, but you stayed with the new school.’’
Yao Ming: Eight years later, my country was hosting the Summer Games in Beijing. I wasn’t a kid anymore. I was the leader of our team. Three days before the opening ceremony, we played an exhibition game against Russia. Andrei Kirilenko was playing for them at the time. We had a terrible game. Nothing was working. After the game, Donnie Nelson, the general manager for the Mavericks and an advisor to the head coach of the Chinese national team, came into our locker room, outraged. “If you guys are going to play like that, maybe you shouldn’t go to your own Olympics!” he said.
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