Doug Collins Rumors

Kwame Brown: First of all, I really don’t blame Doug. I want to make that clear. We were both put in an extremely unique position that will never happen again. The guy who drafted me No. 1 overall is now on the team playing and he’s a part owner too. That’s a crazy situation. Me and Doug had a great relationship before MJ came back. I did summer league and I was playing. I was developing just like a young player should. I was getting the ball and having plays called for me. Everything was fine. And then, when MJ came back, Coach sent me to the dunker (laughs). But, to be honest with you, I didn’t mind because who doesn’t want to play alongside Michael Jordan?
Spruell’s work has led to the launch of new initiatives aimed at improving officiating, which the NBA will formally announce on Thursday. The league has created an Officiating Advisory Council that will include former NBA player and coach Doug Collins; retired Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, the chairman of USA Basketball and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Arne Duncan, the former U.S. Education Secretary; ex-referee Steve Javie; and Kenny Smith, a TNT analyst and former NBA player. Together, they will help determine the future of NBA officiating.
As part of the new NBA rights package, ESPN is upping its broadcasts from about 90 games last year to 100 this upcoming season, and they are in the process of firming up their announcing teams. Two things we have learned from a source with knowledge of the discussions are that Doug Collins’ primary responsibility will switch from studio analysis to color commentary (he did some of the latter last year, but this year will have about 25-30 games), and that Hubie Brown has signed a new multi-year deal with the network. The source requested anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to speak publicly on the matter.
Doug Collins, one of four future NBA coaches who tried out for the team — Popovich, Mike D’Antoni and George Karl were the others — concurs that the selection process was political. Collins says he felt he was one of the best guards in camp, but when he bumped into coach Tommy Heinsohn, who was scouting the trials for the Celtics, Heinsohn told him, “They may not pick you. There is politics involved. You better get someone to fight for you.” Collins called Will Robinson, his coach at Illinois State, who immediately hopped a plane to Colorado and began stumping for him. (Collins made the team).
Though many teams can self-correct after players-only meetings, former NBA player and coach Doug Collins is one of the few contrarians who questions their usefulness. He says he doesn’t like how coaches are often the last to know, which happened in September when Maryland football coach Randy Edsall learned from reporters on a conference call that his team had held a players-only meeting that morning. Coincidentally or not, Edsall was fired days later. “Too often the coaches end up being blindsided and hung out in public,” Collins says. “What I always felt was when you’re a coach and you have your players and your team, you want all the things done within the group. The hardest thing to do is build that trust where everyone can get in the room together, everyone can say anything to each other, everyone puts agendas aside and says, ‘Let’s talk about what we can do. Together.'”
“The world could be crashing down around him, and there was never a day when I didn’t see him with a smile on his face,” Collins said in a phone interview Thursday. “He used to call me Paul Douglas, because that’s my full name — Paul Douglas Collins. And I’d call him Double Stick of Dynamite or D Double D. He was so talented. The game came so easy to him. Maybe too easy. I can’t even imagine how big he’d be if he came along today in this age of social media and top 10 highlights.”