Draft Rumors

The game’s MVP, Zach LaVine, had just celebrated his first birthday when Bryant was drafted in the 1996 draft. Devin Booker, who scored 23 points in the defense-less game, wasn’t born. In fact, none of the players were more than five years old when he was drafted. Their first memories of him came when they were just beginning elementary school. “(My) earliest memory of Kobe Bryant, probably when he won the Dunk Contest when he was 18, 19, and then probably after that just him in the playoffs hitting those shots, like Portland and Indiana in the playoffs in early 2000,” said LaVine. “So that probably is the earliest ones. I was really young, like six, five.”
Word is that you will stay in Europe before declaring for the NBA draft. But if you were to pick a college, where would be your first choice? Frank Ntilikina: Unfortunately I dont have enough time in my schedule to watch college games but for sure teams like Duke, Kentucky or UCLA are incredible programs. NBADraft.net: You will be eligible to declare for the 2017 draft, is that something you are already making plans for? Frank Ntilikina: I think about it sometimes but not too much. The most important thing is always being focused on the court, what I have to learn and do in order to improve.
Kareem Canty: wanna thank Auburn university for everything you guys done for me and letting me pursue my degree here and play the game I love at one of the highest level …..unfortunately life is like a battery you gotta have your positives and negatives…..I decided to forgo my senior season and enter the NBA Draft and part ways from auburn university….I can’t thank coach Pearl and his staff enough for taking me in and embracing me I love coach Pearl like a father figure best coach in the Land……Very soon it’ll be a new king of the jungle hitting his wrist letting ya know what time it is
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