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Was your approach any different with Drummond because his free throw issues were so public and obvious to people — whereas other guys may be working on improvements that are more subtle? Idan Ravin: There were so many more things. That wasn’t something we even had a conversation about. It was, ‘you’re going to lose 30 pounds. We’re going to get better. We’re going to become more serious. We’re going to get more focused.’

Storyline: Michael Porter Injury
Bleacher Report: There’s been a lot of talk lately of the one-and-done rule being altered. You were one of the first to jump from high school. Do you see the eligibility rules being changed again? Kevin Garnett: No, I don’t see the rule changing. And if I do see the rule changing, the rule is going to be changed not for the betterment of college [players]. I think they would try to get the kids to stay a little longer. I think kids leaving early out of high school hurts the college game. You can do it in tennis; you can do it any other sport, leave early, but basketball [is] the most impactful game, the most recognizable game—so I understand the control or the ability to try and control it. Players are going to find ways to get through it, loop[hole] it.