Draft Rumors

First, NBA teams will be navigating uncharted waters with two-way contracts. Speaking to a number of NBA front office people, some suggest two-way deals will be offered nearly immediately after the NBA Draft, while some suggest teams might wait it out through training camp. Whatever the case may be, teams will need to establish credibility with this first year of two-way contracts. Teams may bring two-way players up to NBA rosters for up to 45 days, but there is no guarantee they will do so. The minimum a two-way player can earn is $75,000, while they can cap out at approximately $275,000 if they are on an NBA roster for the maximum allotment.
It won’t be enough to sidetrack what could be a one-year relocation. One NBA front-office talent evaluator says Markkanen “for sure” should be a top 10 pick. “His ability to shoot is what’s going to get him in this league,” the evaluator says. It’s ironic that Markkanen mostly eschewed the NBA until the last couple of years, as the time difference would’ve required him to rise before dawn to watch games; the mindfulness that had him ignoring the league will help vault him into it.
Sean Marks: Where we’re at, we’re going to be systematic with our approach, whether it’s free agency, the draft, acquisitions from Europe or wherever it may be and build the team that way, it’s about hitting singles and doubles. We’re going to be looking for where we can find undervalued players. That can be anywhere, that can be from the D-League, the NBA, leagues in Europe, Australia, you name it.