Drake Rumors

Though Drake’s dad, Dennis Graham, isn’t nearly the public figure that LaVar Ball has become, he respects the Big Baller’s style. “I love him because he’s outspoken,” Graham recently told TMZ Sports outside of TAO in L.A. “He’s an outspoken guy, and that’s what you gotta be. I like it. “You’ve got to speak your mind. People have been kissing butts for too long, so he doesn’t do that. He speaks his mind. I love that.”
Three years later, Drake confirmed in a verse that Louis Williams was dating two women at the same time, and they were content with the arrangement. So not only did he attract rappers and subdue criminals, he openly juggled girlfriends, an unconventional triple-double that qualified him for NBA royalty. Life after Rece and Ashley would never be the same. “I hear about it every day,” Williams laughs. “Every single day. More players do that than you know. I was just the first person to have it mentioned on a song.” Williams is still seeing Rece, but is just friends with Ashley, dishing news that will undoubtedly level the league.
On Wednesday, the Raptors and Drake announced their new plan. Over the coming years, they intend to “elevate” their partnership: a collaboration that’s already been huge for the franchise – its image and popularity, both locally and around the league – and will now do even more to give back to the city and grow the game of basketball throughout Canada. “For me, initially, it was an incredible opportunity,” said Drake, from that same Gate 5 location ahead of Wednesday’s game against the Detroit Pistons. “Obviously, I wish I could be here all the time, I wish I could be at every game. My career unfortunately doesn’t allow for it, but I think the key is to make my presence felt even when I can’t be here. I’m looking forward to continuing on the path that we’re on and I feel like growth is inevitable with this partnership. It’s something that I’m still proud and excited about and it’s something that still makes all other rappers jealous.”
2 months ago via TSN
Their new program, “Welcome Toronto”, will see Drake and the Raptors donate $1 million during the next three years to refurbish local community courts, while contributing another $2 million over the next five years to Canada Basketball. Instead of the annual tradition that has become “Drake Night,” the Raptors will host six OVO-themed “Welcome Toronto” home games over the duration of the season, wearing their new black and gold alternate jerseys and playing on a specially designed court, with the same colour scheme.
2 months ago via TSN