Drake Rumors

In it, Drake detailed why he chose the Warriors for ‘Drake Night,’ saying he wanted a competitive game, but also a chance to talk smack to the Golden State players, who he considers friends. “Me and Steph are like family. Me and KD are like family. Great friends with Draymond. Same with Klay,” Drake said. “These are the nights where we just say whatever needs to be said and then we’ll put it all behind us after the game.”
As it aired on Tuesday night, clips started flying around Twitter. This was one of the greatest ones: Blaine performed the frog trick that he recently wowed The Tonight Show audience with in front of a crowd that included Steph Curry, Jimmy Butler, Dave Chappelle and Drake. Blaine spits out multiple frogs while the room screams. I know it’s all just an illusion, but man, I’d react the same way. That’s so gross, yet so amazing. It’s worth watching multiple times because the individual reactions are fantastic. For instance, look at Curry’s face.