Drew League Rumors

Just in general, what did you hope to accomplish with this movie? It’s about the Drew League of course, but it is about more than that. Baron Davis: For me, I wanted to tell something positive that, No. 1, was going on in my community. And, two, I wanted to show people what L.A. basketball is all about. I knew there were a lot of misconceptions on both things. There’s always this idea that, hey, we’ve got the good weather, the beaches, we just get off work and fool around, L.A. players are soft. But I wanted to introduce the Drew because I felt that it was big for the community and meant a lot for the community that a lot of our NBA stars were coming back and playing in this league.
Throughout the movie, it seems that Dino Smiley, as he is running the league, nothing fazes him. But then one Saturday, LeBron shows up. I think that is the only time Dino gets really excited, and it’s a great moment in the movie. Baron Davis: It was a surprise for him. I think that is what really got him excited. Usually Dino is a guy who does not show a lot of emotion. But having the best player in the world come to the gym, I think that really got his juices going. To have someone like LeBron, the best player in the world at the peak of his career coming off a championship — it’s like the story of Dr. J going to play in the Rucker. That story will always be told and will forever be remembered.
For people who watch this movie, what do you hope they draw out of it? BD: There’s always a perception of the hood, and the hood being a negative thing. All the stories that usually come out are negative stories. For one, I just want people to connect to the positivity of what sport and what basketball can do in a neighborhood and a community that doesn’t have many things. And I would love for people to connect with the film and the vision. Hopefully it is good enough to do another one.