Dwane Casey Rumors

The comments were taken as a shot at head coach Dwane Casey, who Lowry butted heads with earlier in their Toronto tenures. Tom Sterner, an assistant coach under Casey in both Toronto and Minnesota, told TSN Radio 1050: “I think he’s pointing the comments at Casey.” Not so fast, Lowry said after a spirited practice on Monday. “No, they were not directed at anyone, they were in general. “They were in general and they were moreso for me saying, ‘OK we’ve got to change things and myself get better and hold the guys accountable more,’” Lowry said. “That’s from me. I don’t do anything but play basketball. I don’t make management decisions, I don’t make coaching decisions, I say what I feel from my heart. That’s how I felt. Changes do need to be made. We need to find ways to win some damn games.”
Storyline: Toronto Raptors Turmoil?
“We are all frustrated. I take that as frustration,” Casey said. “Kyle and I, we have a husband-and-wife relationship. It’s good and bad. We go at each other. But we know at the end of the day, we are in the foxhole together. “I didn’t take that one way whatsoever as a slight, as a negative. We’re all frustrated, I’m frustrated, his teammates are all frustrated. I didn’t take that as a personal slight or throwing me under the bus.”