Elvin Hayes Rumors

Mark Berman: Elvin Hayes on passing of Guy Lewis: “We miss him but I know he’s much better off.I can see him running around coaching a great team up there. That kid to the University of Houston in a time of integration & put his career on the line & gave me an opportunity to achieve & accomplish all that I’m accomplishing today. It’s all due to Guy Lewis.” @UHCougarMBK
Me: Did you ever speak with the guys who decided not to play in ’68 and supported Harry Edwards’ boycott, like Kareem and Wes Unseld and Elvin Hayes? Spencer Haywood: I talked to them, but they don’t see it like that. They don’t even like to even discuss it. Kareem says, well, even back then, he said, ‘I was just going to help some kids up in Harlem. I didn’t really boycott.’ And I take him at his word. I said ‘Okay, big dog.’ But I know it’s a boycott. So history, you know, history has its way of weaving through. And I also thanked them, too. Because if they had came to the ’68 Olympics, they would never have looked at a freshman to try out and be a member of the Olympic team. As Elvis would say, thank you, thank you very much.