Erik Spoelstra Rumors

Before this season, Dwyane Wade had come off the bench only 11 times in 915 NBA games. That changed when he went to the bench, by request, early this season in Cleveland and continues now in his second Heat tour. Erik Spoelstra made clear Tuesday that while he hasn’t ruled out anything, starting Wade is not a consideration at this time. “Not right now; I’m not thinking of that,” Spoelstra said after the team’s shootaround at Air Canada Centre, before Tuesday’s game against the Raptors. “But I’m always open to anything, wherever the course of this season goes.”
Spoelstra said “there’s a lot to like” about Wade coming off the bench behind Tyler Johnson, with Wade able to assume backup point guard duties in that role. “You’re bringing a Hall of Fame talent off the bench that really helps your depth and your dynamic,” Spoelstra said. “He brings a standard of excellence, a standard of success. It brings confidence out of everybody.”
Wade has embraced the role but said it requires more ability to adjust than starting, with Wade of the mindset to offer whatever is needed that particular game. “Starting you got to know this is what they expect of me,” he said. “Coming off the bench it definitely varies. Depending on if I’m coming off the bench and I’m handling it, if I’m coming off the bench and I’m at the two, whatever the case may be, you never know what it is. It really doesn’t matter to me. I’m not concerned with any of that. I’m just concerned with helping this team be a better team, get wins. I’m trying to get familiar with everything, trying to get in better shape with this team and with the stuff that they run. So I’m not really concerned with night to night what it would be.”
Spoelstra recently has shown an inclination to playing Whiteside and Adebayo together more, with both players embracing that lineup. Does that pairing need to work long term in order for there to be enough minutes for both talents? “It would definitely be helpful, because I would definitely play more minutes,” Whiteside said. “We’ve just got to decide. I think it could definitely work.”
Storyline: Whiteside-Spoelstra Dynamic