Erik Spoelstra Rumors

Heat center Hassan Whiteside was screaming in pain as he walked back to the locker room after cutting his right hand late in Miami’s 112-97 victory over Phoenix on Tuesday. Coach Erik Spoelstra said Whiteside suffered a laceration between his fingers and was receiving stitches after the game. “It’s in an awkward place in his hand,” Spoelstra said. “He’s getting stitched up right now. We’ll know more tomorrow.”
Asked about the impact of missing Dion Waiters’ penetrations on offense, Spoelstra responded: “It just makes me want to throw up. That’s where our mindset probably has been the last three games. We’re putting up great offensive numbers. Do we have to score now 116 points to be able to win? That’s ridiculous. We’ve given up 115, 112 and 105. We’re not going to win many games that way. That isn’t the identity that we’ve built…. It does hurt not having Dion with us. We still have enough to score points. I just want to stop focusing on that, whether we can outscore teams or not.”
“It’s a little bit skewed,” Spoelstra said, noting the zero moves this season come after an offseason of widespread change. “I wouldn’t necessarily jump to that conclusion that organizations have changed their perception and won’t pull the quick trigger. It’s never just about coaching. It has to be a collaboration, with players, with personnel and most importantly with personnel and management. Thank God we have that here.”