Erik Spoelstra Rumors

As Miami begins a four-game road trip that spans seven days — including Thanksgiving — Spoelstra is hopeful that time together will help players build a closer bond off the court. “I think with this group, it’s important,” Spoelstra said after Saturday’s shootaround session. “It’s not a guarantee that you’ll have any kind of result from it, but we do have a lot of new faces, and guys have to build a connection and an intuition on the court. If you’re not spending time together trying to fast track that getting to know each other personally and only leaving it to the court, I think it puts you a little bit behind.”
Minnesota is getting a foul call a league-high 21.7 percent of its drives. Miami is 27th out of 30 teams in free throw attempts with 19.7 per game. “I don’t know if the league anticipated we’d be this aggressive in getting to the rim and being this persistent of attacking and driving,” coach Erik Spoelstra said. “If you stay consistent and stay the course and stay stubborn with that you’ll get rewarded.