Erik Spoelstra Rumors

But in a podcast with The Vertical’s Adrian Wojnarowski this week, Wade admitted that Riley not calling him was the deciding factor. “I did feel at the end of the day it’s Micky Arison’s team but it’s Pat’s show,” Wade told Wojnarowski. “I love Pat and I know he loves me. The fact that we didn’t talk, that hurt. That was my deciding factor when it came down to the end of the day and he didn’t show he wanted me there. I know the Arison family loved me and wanted me there. I know Spo [coach Erik Spoelstra] wanted me there.”
Storyline: Heat Front Office
The incredible run from the Erik Spoelstra-led team has caught the eye of many in the league, including Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy. “I think what Miami has shown is the value of those guys, who are good players and are in a situation where they have to prove something,” Van Gundy said. “Erik’s done a great job of getting those guys to play to their strengths and implementing a system that really works for them. Certainly, in my mind, and there’s a lot of ’em going on — but certainly in mind, it’s the best coaching job that’s gone on this year.”
And it wasn’t easy. Waiters said the two were “bumping heads” early on. But it was not anything he hadn’t experienced before having played two seasons for Jim Boeheim at Syracuse. Waiters, 25, calls it “tough love.” “It’s good bumping heads. It’s not anything bad. It’s like, `I’m challenging you. You can do more. Don’t settle for that,’” he said. “I had coach Boeheim. It was tough love at the end of the day. They see so much in me that he’s challenging me. I look at it as a challenge. He’s been doing a tremendous job keeping me motivated.”