Ettore Messina Rumors

Messina explained that his obligations with the Spurs leave him very little time for the national team and this will not change, as a new two year contract is ready for him in San Antonio: “I am very pleased. You feel it right away if there’s something bad in the air and instead in San Antonio they made me feel wanted. They waited for the right moment and now there is a new contract that awaits and I must sign it.
As Messina says: “Nowadays Teodosic is a far different player from who he was three years ago, and even more different, than six years ago… He is a more mature, a player who has finally won the Euroleague. He has improved himself it’s out of discussion that offensively he is read. The concerns are about his defense but he is a smart player and he knows how to avoid trouble. My opinion is that he could easily play at the NBA level, it’s up to him… Obviously, at least at the beginning, he won’t make the big money he is used to get in Europe but speaking in terms of talent, there is no doubt that he could compete at a high level”.
Italy carries enormous pools of talents in its ranks. Established NBA-ers, Euroleague superstars, young yet quite experienced players. The squad has everything to hope for a success in the Eurobasket 2017. But will Messina be there to lead them from the bench? “Well I was a coach of the national team until September 30. But I will remain as such after that date, if things go as they should.” Meaning? “The idea is to continue in the national team. But I must have the okay from my club, the San Antonio Spurs, first in light of the tasks that my coach Gregg Popovich has. If they are in agreement, I will immediately get to a meeting with the Italian basketball federation. They have honored me with their offer to coach the team at EuroBasket 2017. I think the issue will be resolved in a few days.”