Ettore Messina Rumors

Via Corriere Di Bologna: “I have a contract, are at work. Follow the preparation for the draft, then in mid June I will return a little ‘in Italian before reaching again for the Spurs Summer League (which could train as head coach, as happens in many allowances to vice ed). “ The 55-year-old coach also acted as head coach twice during the season when Popovich missed two games with a ‘medical issue’ and won both games. There is no question Messina can become a head coach in the NBA and Spurs fans know Pop. He might be grooming Messina to take his place whenever he decides to step down.
San Antonio Spurs assistant coach Ettore Messina told La Gazzetta dello Sport that he is interested in becoming head coach in the NBA. “I am seriously thinking about that but I’d ask first Pop and Buford for advices. At the same time I am very happy with the Spurs. I have two years left on my contract with the Spurs. Maybe I finish my contract and I will go back home peacefully” said Messina who had some interviews with the Hawks before they hired Mike Budenholzer. “I made all the interviews with their GM Danny Ferry who showed a big interest in me. Then they rigthly hired Mike Budenholzer who comes from Spurs’ school” added Messina.
Messina, who is also a very decorated basketball coach, described how he views Pop’s coaching and managerial style now that he is working side-by-side with him on his personal blog. Here is what Messina had to say. What’s interesting is that he always pushes his coaching staff to argue with him. Sometimes he reminds me one of those Greek philosophers, the sophists, who tried to find the truth through arguments. He really encourages discussion and variety of opinions, seeing them as a means to improve as a unit.
Messina understands Popovich’s obsession with managing the minutes of his veteran players as well as his devotion to the more open European style of play. He recalls Popovich telling reporters after the Spurs played Messina’s CSKA club in a preseason game last October that he would make his players watch film of the entire game because Messina’s players understood the free-wheeling style better than the Spurs. “He was being kind,” Messina said. “You have no idea how much we study Pop’s and the Spurs’ offense in Europe because of all those DHOs (dribble handoffs) and dribble drives and drive-and-kick. It really would work the opposite (of Pop studying my offense).” “It is also much more fun to watch when you see all these five players dancing around with the ball.”
Messina made the first adjustment during his unofficial apprenticeship with the Spurs in 2011: Freeing his mind of the stereotypes about the NBA that prevailed among European players, coaches and fans. “Honestly, you find it is much more different from what we think in Europe,” Messina said. “It’s completely different. We think we work hard in practice (in Europe) and in the NBA, they don’t do anything; that they don’t practice. Then you find out, first of all, that there is a lot of individual work; a lot of player development. I found when I was here that all players work a lot on their skills; that good coaches teach them, work them, whatever.”
He isn’t looking to get hired right away by a struggling team in need of a head coach. He really wants to work with the San Antonio Spurs and get his feet wet in the NBA. Sure, he had a consulting gig with the Lakers for a season, but that didn’t quite satisfy the coaching itch he was feeling. He knows the Spurs are most likely to expose him to parts of the game they don’t usually see overseas and he also knows it’s going to be better for him in the long haul. He’s already found a school for his kids and that shows commitment right there. He could have easily opted for homeschooling or any number of other options that are no strings attached and meant he could have gone and uplifted his family at any given time.
Andrei Kirilenko said that Ettore Messina leaving CSKA Moscow was the right decision for the Russian club. The Nets forward had a long interview with Sovsport. “I think that it was the right decision. A coach cannot do as Messina did during the most important game of the season saying “I am not able to coach the team, I am leaving”. You are not a player and ask for a substitution is something goes wrong. You are the mentor and you have to motivate the team.