Euroleague Rumors

Tornike Shengelia who played in the past for the Brooklyn Nets before returning to Europe for Baskonia will be a free agent this summer and he wants to cross the Atlantic again: “My goal is to try to return to the NBA. If I stay in Europe it will be in a team that can win trophies and everyone knows that Baskonia is one of them”.
Q: This was your 10th EuroLeague season. How important was the EuroLeague for your development as a player? Pablo Prigioni: “Look, the EuroLeague was the maximum motivation anyone could have. Playing the EuroLeague allows you to play against the best teams and the best players in Europe. It has always been a great challenge and I took it that way. I enjoyed a lot competing all around Europe against the best. I always said over the last few years, while I was in the NBA, that playing the EuroLeague had nothing to envy in comparison to playing in the NBA because of its competition level and the excitement it brings. I don’t know how to express it because the Spanish League is also really strong, it has always been, but the EuroLeague was the biggest step to take in Europe.”
Storyline: Pablo Prigioni Retirement
You talked about going to NBA next season. It’s your definite decision? Ante Zizic: Yes, of course. I was selected in the first Round but I wanted to stay one more year overseas in order to prepare for the NBA. Now I’m playing in EuroLeague and the next step is NBA. I’m 99% sure that I’m going to be there on summer. I feel comfortable now and I think I’m ready for this step.
Tell me about the Boston Celtics. They have some great players and are doing really fine this season. Ante Zizic: I’m always in touch with the guys from Celtics. They watch my game and they come visit me. Indeed, they play really, really good this season. They have a lot of potential as a team, because it’s a young team. They have players who can play great individual and team basketball. Next season I want to be a part what they’ll do.”