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“We have all the security parameters in place for the Cavs game that we normally do and things above that,” Cleveland police chief Calvin Williams said Monday morning. “Everybody will be safe coming to the Cavs game tonight.” Local and federal police forces were still searching for Steve Stephens, 37, who filmed and later posted the killing of 74-year-old Robert Godwin Jr. on Facebook on Sunday.
While everyone wasn’t pleased with the change or how the league handled the announcement, fans were ready and waiting to watch these games. That is when the problems started to arise. Not only did almost every broadcast experienced significant problems with both audio and video, but the way the broadcast itself looked was like that of a frustrated streamer on Twitch. People took to Twitter to air their frustrations.
In addition to Thompson, other players who spent time at tech companies include vets Ryan Hollins and Al-Farouq Aminu, at Facebook, and C.J. Watson, Dahntay Jones, Wilson Chandler and Moses Ehambe, at Google. “The main purpose of this program is exposing the players to multiple career options and letting them see what skills they need to develop in order to be competitive in this other world,” Taylor said. Technology companies were popular destinations because “this generation of players lives and breathes with technology and their smartphones.”
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If fans become friends with the new NBA bot on Facebook, they’ll be able to request specific highlights featuring any player from the two teams in the finals. For example, people can search for “Steph Curry,” and they’ll immediately have access to highlights featuring the Warriors’ three-point star. People can also set alerts, and the bot will notify them when clips have been added featuring their favorite players or teams.
On YouTube, anyone with a viral video can flip a switch to show ads before it plays. Facebook won’t make it that easy, at least not for everyday users. At launch, the company is partnering with “a few dozen” major content creators like the NBA, Hearst, and Fox Sports on its revenue share program. It’s planning to add more partners, but it’s essentially hand picking those publishers, which means they’ll be big publishers with big followings.