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What social media he’s on… Paul Pierce: I am on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. … Twitter, I’ll tweet when I’m rooting for a game, I always tweet out photos of my family on Halloween or on vacation, and I do use it to share what my corporate partners want to communicate. Instagram is photo-heavy and I use it when at events or on the road taking photos, and Facebook is a combo of the two. Facebook my management team usually manages for me, and they curate from everything that’s on Twitter and Instagram as well as good articles that are being written about me or my team and my foundation.
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The Miami HEAT announced today that last week’s unveiling of the White Hot uniform lit up the social media world with impressions totaling 15,964,766 according to data collected by tweetreach. The HEAT unveiled their White Hot uniform on Saturday, November 24 when they hosted the Cleveland Cavaliers at AmericanAirlines Arena. On twitter, a total of 3,539 tweets were sent referencing the White Hot uniform. Those tweets reached a total of 7,948,606 different people with total impressions reaching 15,004,510. On Facebook, the White Hot uniform garnered 53,999 “likes,” 5,070 “shares” and 1,753 comments with impressions totaling 960,256.
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It’s not just Twitter. Facebook users have given the NBA has more than 11 million “likes” and provide the NBA with fan opinions and traffic to its own website. Facebook is now the second biggest source of traffic to the NBA’s home site, whereas two years ago it wasn’t even ranked in the top 10. And on YouTube — the NBA’s first real social outreach platform back in 2006 — the highlight-driven nature of the sport makes it a perfect match. No wonder ratings on ABC, ESPN, TNT and NBA TV have made double-digit gains from last year, when the league also showed major growth.
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