Facundo Campazzo Rumors

Ginobili, 39, left the court after Argentina was eliminated by Team USA in the quarterfinals with the game ball in hand and tears in his eyes. Scola wouldn’t say whether this Argentine squad will be turned over. The club does have a couple of rising players in 23-year-old swingman Patricio Garino, who signed with the Spurs, and 25-year-old point guard Facundo Campazzo, who told the Globe he would like to play in the NBA.
The U.S. men’s basketball team faces Argentina Friday night in the Olympics semifinals at North Greenwich Arena and bad blood still festers from Saturday’s showdown during which Anthony was belted in the groin by Argentina backup point guard Facundo Campazzo. Prigioni, battling a kidney stone that has weakened him, rested during that game, but stuck up for his countryman after Anthony — and Tyson Chandler — called Campazzo’s actions “a cheap shot.’’ “I don’t know, this is part of the game,’’ Prigioni told The Post.
Still USA forward Carmelo Anthony thinks Argentina forward Facundo Campazzo sank to a new low by hitting him in the groin as he was shooting a three-pointer. “It was definitely a cheap shot,” Anthony said. “Something like that, I don’t play like that. “If you’re going to foul somebody, foul them hard but you don’t take a shot like that. Nobody takes a cheap shot like that.”
Carmelo Anthony, who’s 6-8, rose for a long jumper, and 5-10 Argentine point guard Facundo Campazzo hit him in the groin. Melo mellowed out on the floor in agony. That’s cheap. That’s cheesy. U.S. coach Mike Krzyzewski said of Anthony’s drop to the hardwood as if poleaxed, ‘‘He wasn’t celebrating the shot.’’ It was an angry moment in a hard-fought game, and the ensuing scrum put even more fever into the Americans’ goal of winning every game in London by as much as possible. ‘‘It was wrong,’’ Kobe Bryant (11 points in 21 minutes) said angrily of the jab. ‘‘We told him, ‘You don’t do that.’ ’’