Fans Rumors

Bass also wrote the incident will “not change the league’s long-standing policy of leaving individual ticketing decisions and policies to its teams.” Bass did not immediately return an inquiry from The Post about whether there is any circumstance in which the league would step in regarding an owner’s refusal to renew a fan’s season tickets. The Garden also declined comment. “I am surprised, considering how professional Silver has been,’’ Hamersky told The Post. “The older I get, I’ve grown skeptical. Money talks. When the most-valued team has a guy who owns the building and regional cable network, they are going with profit over fan expression.’’
The Golden State Warriors were the highest rated team on national television with an average of 2.83 million viewers for each of their 30 games. The Cleveland Cavaliers ranked second at 2.38 million for their 30 games, while the Oklahoma city Thunder (1.99 million), San Antonio Spurs (1.99 million) and New York Knicks (1.94 million) rounded out the top-5. 1. Warriors: 2.83 million. 2. Cavaliers: 2.38 million. 3. Thunder: 1.99 million.