Fantasy Rumors

Mark Cuban: “So let’s talk about what it means to be a game of skill because it’s something that’s misunderstood, and it’s really quite simple. I’ll use my own experience owning the Dallas Mavericks to make the point. Donnie Nelson and my team manage the Mavericks in the same way that most sophisticated people play daily fantasy sports — they collect the data, analyze it and make predictions about what it means. We succeed in the same way fantasy players succeed on daily fantasy sports sites — by making accurate predictions. We scout, test, research and execute; it’s not that different than your typical daily fantasy player. If it sounds easy, then I suggest you not play because you don’t get it. It takes work and, yes, it takes skill. Like any complicated endeavor, it is equal parts art and science. More often than not we fail, but when we succeed, the rewards justify the sacrifice. The same principle applies to fantasy sports. And that’s why fantasy sports is growing so fast. That job, the job I love and that my team performs every day, is every sports fan’s fantasy.”
Mark Cuban: “There could be naysayers and more people who try to restrict access to fantasy games. Here’s what I have to say that: Good luck. Good luck standing in the way of the entire sports-loving population that enjoys the camaraderie that comes with playing fantasy sports. Good luck telling these folks that they are criminals for doing something that is its own American national pastime. And good luck telling us that we are incapable of deciding for ourselves what hobbies we can participate in. Fantasy sports is here to stay, and that is a good thing.”