Fashion Rumors

Q: LeBron made this shoe’s debut at a fashion show. Certainly his last three shoes, there was no mistaking, they were basketball shoes. This shoe has a bit of a crossover appeal. How did that come about? Jason Petrie: He definitely takes what he wears seriously and he’s always said, ‘It’s got to be hot.’ He understands where most people wear their shoes is off-court. And that’s something we always have in the back of our minds. LeBron, he wants to be fashionable, but he also wants to be unique and kind of do his own thing, not really follow what other folks are doing. Fashion, it is considered, but it’s all driven by the function of the shoe first.
6 days ago via ESPN
Clarkson partnered with the luxury fashion brand for their F is for Fendi campaign during a bit of a strange offseason. It was an offseason during which the business side of his chosen profession crystallized for him. Clarkson still has his fun, but because of that he’s approached the season differently than he had in past seasons. It’s showing in his play, where his coaches are seeing a new focus on defense and his scoring is among the best in the NBA coming off the bench. “You don’t really understand that until you’ve been around for a while you see guys get traded,” Clarkson said. “People that are close to you. Shoot. My last three years I walked into a locker room and seen all new faces. It’s not nothing new for me. Now it’s just part of the business. Come in, put on this jersey, play for your teammates and try to get wins.”
After playing NBA Jam with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, Russell Westbrook was a guest on Good Morning America where he talked about his unique style and helped select an outfit for Michael Strahan. While answering fashion questions, the NBA MVP had the in-studio audience laughing when he said that fashion gives him the chance to “just walk and be swagged out and have fun,” and he had them “awwwwwing” when he explained why his mom his his style icon. Westbrook said: “My style icon is my mom. She’s always swagged out. She’s always kept me up to par on the fashion, on the style, and to this day, I can still call her and she can give me a nay or yay.”