Fashion Rumors

Today, the Sacramento Kings launched two limited edition hats designed by Kings Sophomore Willie Cauley-Stein. Through a collaboration with New Era, as well as the Kings Creative and Merchandise teams, Willie infused his personal style into two custom hats available online and at team stores. This release is his second fashion project with the team – following up on a series of custom watches from last season.
On Friday, For The Win spoke with three of the men who helped Sager look his sharpest. All of them focused on the same thing: How good of a person the Turner sideline reporter was and how he made each of them feel like a part of his family. “He always came in here with an amazing amount of energy,” said Pablo Zepeda, the purchasing manager at Miami’s Rex Fabrics, where many of Sager’s zany jacket patterns came from. “He always had a particular vision for what he wanted.”
Are you aware of your team’s record when you wear a tie this season? “I don’t know my record with the tie, but I know that’s being bantered about,” Stevens said. “I also know that, when you lose however many games good teams lose in this league — what is it, if you win 50, you lose 32 — like that’s 32 ways to screw up being superstitious. I’ve lost all my superstitions. If I had any coming in, they’re all gone.”
4 months ago via ESPN
Fair enough, Coach. But your tie usage rate is off the charts this season. Stevens wore a tie only 17 times during the 81 regular-season games he coached last season or a mere 21 percent of Boston’s schedule. This year, he has gone with a tie in eight of Boston’s 17 games. So why the uptick? “I just really enjoy formal attire,” deadpanned Stevens, who probably would coach in windpants and a team polo if the league allowed it.
4 months ago via ESPN
You also presumably have enough money now that you don’t really have to wait. Iman Shumpert: Yeah [laughs]. The piece has to be super dope for me to get it knowing everybody’s probably gonna have this or everyone’s hunting for this. I pass on so many of those things because one of my worst fears is coming to a game dressed like somebody else. Has that ever happened? Iman Shumpert: Oh, I’ve seen it happen with multiple teammates. With you? Iman Shumpert: Hell no! Not with me.