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After playing NBA Jam with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, Russell Westbrook was a guest on Good Morning America where he talked about his unique style and helped select an outfit for Michael Strahan. While answering fashion questions, the NBA MVP had the in-studio audience laughing when he said that fashion gives him the chance to “just walk and be swagged out and have fun,” and he had them “awwwwwing” when he explained why his mom his his style icon. Westbrook said: “My style icon is my mom. She’s always swagged out. She’s always kept me up to par on the fashion, on the style, and to this day, I can still call her and she can give me a nay or yay.”
Do you think your pre-game fashion affects your performance in the game? Russell Westbrook: For me, it’s not about really great outfits. It’s just who I am. I always want to make sure that people understand that. I’m not getting dressed to make a scene or like ‘Oh, look what Westbrook has on today!’ If I like something, I’ll put it on, I go to the game, that’s how it is. The basketball stuff is not affected by that. I’m gonna do that no matter what I wear. For me, it’s not a game.
1 week ago via TIME
The soda company partnered with designer Mark McNairy, who the Wall Street Journal dubbed “king of menswear collaborations” last year and who GQ has called one of their favorite designers, to create a “Triple Double Breasted Suit.” It’ll be made for the Oklahoma City Thunder guard to wear later this year. Mountain Dew is also going to sell Westbrook MVP cans that’ll only be available in Oklahoma City.