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Me: So what is the chance you come back to the NBA some day? Jan Vesely: Actually, I’m still thinking about it. It’s not like I’ve closed the door. I’m waiting for the right situation, like we were talking about. For me, personally, the important thing is to have a good coach who understands you and understands what you can do. I don’t want to go back or only I say ‘okay, I’m here, what are we going to do?’ I don’t want that. I like basketball and I like to compete. And Coach Obradovic, he’s given me that position. And if I go back one day I want to be at least in the similar situation. I’m not expecting to come and be the main player and to be I don’t know what. But to exactly know what situations I’m okay in, or what I’m accustomed, or my job is this. If a coach or GM tells me your job is to make these kinds of rebounds and play defense and score this, and I do that, I expect to keep playing. Sometimes that didn’t happen when I was there. But looking for the good situation and team. So I didn’t close the door for sure.
Me: There was some talk this summer that some NBA teams asked about you coming over. What didn’t feel right? Was this just not the right time to do it? JV: The thing is, it wasn’t too serious a conversation about it…a lot of bigs was not signed yet (in the NBA). It was too long to wait. First of all, I had the option in my contract, until July 15; I can leave any time up to that, but not past that. For example, Mason Plumlee signed (in Denver) a couple of days ago. That was one of the bigs that wasn’t signed. I wasn’t in a situation where I can talk to the teams and stuff. There was free agency and a lot of bigs at my position. I didn’t pay too much attention; my manager was talking to the teams. I was waiting for the situation but it didn’t get too serious..
Ex-ATL Hawks player Pero Antic just took an “L” in his legal war with the NYPD — after a judge decided the cop who pushed him during a 2015 incident didn’t use excessive force. Antic and then-teammate Thabo Sefolosha both sued the NYPD claiming cops got unnecessarily violent with them on the street … after another NBA player got stabbed in a separate incident.
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