Fenerbahce Ulker Rumors

“It’s definitely a possibility to come back to the NBA,” Udoh told The Vertical. “I can see myself fitting back today. I have lowered my weight to 240, so I’m even more mobile. I protect the rim, get out in transition and I’m able to play with any team and guard one through five. “That was a big focal point around the NBA this past season, finishing off the pick-and-roll or hitting the open man. I can fit back in the NBA with whatever decision that I make.”
The Suns will retain Bogdanovic’s rights but he will no longer be subject to the rookie contract scale of 2014 if he signs with the Suns. The Suns would have to pay him at least $957,200 in the first season of a future contact to be equivalent to what the 6-foot-6 guard would have received for being the 28th pick in the 2014 draft. Given his success overseas, Bogdanovic likely can command much more with the NBA salary cap sharply rising and the fact that he is only 23.