FIBA Rumors

The big man left the National Team training camp after three Eurobasket 2017 qualification games (out of six). Pleiss left Germany because he wanted to sign back in the NBA but he ended in Galatasaray, Turkey. “He left us to realize his NBA Istanbul” Fleming said. “In the moment he told me he was leaving, it was over for me” the coach added. “For Eurobasket 2017 I will focus not he players who have helped us” Fleming ended, as reported by Zeit.
Nicolas Batum makes his public self-criticism for his summer with the French national team, revealing that the team and himself had their issues. As he explained: “Our tournament was very disappointing. It was perhaps our most important tournament and we’re not really there. We were a little overconfident, like “it’s good, we know each other, we will be ready on D-Day. We were perhaps too focused on the semi-finals, before playing the quarter-finals. The tournament had not started yet and one wondered how to avoid one or other team in the semis! Today, I still want to know what happened. Collectively and personally”.
Storyline: Olympic Games
Jusuf Nurkic was the latest player to express his frustration with certain issues revolving around the Bosnian national team, via a post in his Instagram profile. The Denver Nuggets center didn’t travel with his teammates to Sweden for the next game of the Eurobasket 2017 qualifiers, something that was seen in a negative light by some of his country’s media. Apart from answering back to the general criticism he receives, he also mentioned that his future in his country’s national team is not certain at all. “He was injured“, they say, ‘he doesn’t want to play, he has bogus injury, he’s no good…’ I came to play and that wasn’t good. I gave my best and that wasn’t good. Whatever I do, it isn’t good. Do I annoy you this much, really? Anyway, I’m going to stay with these guys till the bitter end, but after all these things you did to me, next time I will think twice next time about playing for national team or not, you bunch of liars! And one more thing: How and when I travel with the national team is not my decision, but the decision of the Federation and the coaching staff. And one more thing: If I wanted to be separated from the team, I wouldn’t bother to come here anyway!”
Mirza Teletovic, who is also captain of Bosnia’s national team, apologized for his behavior in his post-game comments. “I am sorry I reacted in this way. I am sorry and I don’t shrink from my responsibilities.” “Sometimes there are tensions like that in a team. I’ve spent my life representing the national team of Bosnia. I have been playing for 13 years for the team. I never behaved like that or provoked someone. I have always represented Bosnia in the best light. I wouldn’t want to present a wrong picture of myself”, he added.