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LeBron James considering 2020 Olympics

LeBron James said Gregg Popovich’s taking over as coach for Team USA basketball factors into his own decision to chase another Olympic gold. “It factors a lot,” James said Saturday, before the Cavs play Popovich’s Spurs. “I’ve said that before. He’s just a great mastermind of the game of basketball.”
James skipped the 2016 Olympics after his sixth consecutive run to the Finals. He already owns two gold medals and would be 36 when the 2020 Olympics unfold in Tokyo. Because he missed Team USA’s run to gold in Rio, he’s no longer No. 1 in U.S. Olympics for games played (24, t-2nd) or points (273, 3rd), but is still first all time in assists (88).
Team rosters and salaries in the NBA were recently increased. Do you think that this will help you get back to the NBA? “My motivation to get back to the NBA is a priority. I’m working everyday to accomplish this goal and will not give up until I do. Already there are teams interested for summer league so I will just keep working and find the best situation when the time comes. But for now, my #1 priority every day is to help my team win. This is all I care about now so I work hard every day to win.”
“I would never say never,” Silver acknowledged. “And if we can do it anywhere, it’s London, just because of the logistics. Of travelling over here, especially from the East coast of the United States. And this is something that David Stern talked about when he was Commissioner, just because of the density of our schedule, if we were going to come to Europe, come to the UK, we’d need to do it with more than one team. To do it with a Division. It’s something we’ll continue to look at.”