Finals Rumors

The NBA Finals, which produced record viewership for ABC, also gave the league its best results in retail and digital categories. The league said that Wednesday, the day after Golden State’s title-winning victory over Cleveland in Game 6, was the highest-selling day in history, with a triple-digit increase over the record set in 2010 during the Lakers-Celtics finals.
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Johnson said James raised his game to a new level, as he became the first to lead all players in an NBA Finals in points, assists and rebounds. “This is as good as we’ve ever seen. It won’t be the top because he did lose. So we’re going to have to still go with (Michael) Jordan as one, but now he can probably take number two spot. It will be 1-A Jordan and 1-B LeBron,” Johnson said.
Should the Cleveland Cavaliers fail to dig themselves out of their 3-2 NBA Finals deficit to the Golden State Warriors, LeBron James doesn’t find any consolation in the fact that he still could be named series MVP in a losing effort. “I wouldn’t feel good about it at all,” James said after Cavs shootaround in advance of Game 6 on Tuesday night. “Because at the end of the day, I’m here to win a team prize, and that’s to win a championship, not an individual prize.”
“I think that’s the right makeup for LeBron,” Miller says. “He just needs guys who make shots and can be physical on defense, because on offense, he’s gonna do what he does.” Griffin has to tread around this issue carefully, and he’s still grappling with what he’s seen in the past two rounds. “It’s about role delineation,” he says again. “You can’t have too many guys who dominate the ball around LeBron.” Still, Griffin maintains he wants Love back alongside Irving and LeBron. “We were 32-3 in our last 35 games with Kevin and Kyrie,” he says. “We weren’t just pretty good. We were the best team in the league. That team can be special. I want to be that juggernaut again.”
“We have very clear role delineation with this team, and I’ve learned a lot about that,” Griffin says. “LeBron needs to have the ball so much for you to be as good as you can be, and you need to be very selective about the guys who get to have it when he doesn’t.” Even amid their grief for Irving, the Cavs know they have enough to fight on. “At no point did I think we were done,” Blatt says. “These are freaking tough guys,” Boylan says. “I knew no one was going to come in here and just take us out.” The Cavs understood how far LeBron could take the right group of role players.
But after three surgeries to repair a fracture in his right foot that caused him to miss 55 games this past season, the 2014 MVP understands why his name has slipped from a lot of minds as fans marvel at James’ and Stephen Curry’s electrifying performances in the NBA Finals. “It used to piss me off, but I love it now,” Durant told “Just gotta show and prove. I don’t deserve to be up there with them this year. Next year is a different story.”