Fines Rumors

The minor Tuesday night skirmish between Mason Plumlee and Jimmy Butler has gone from heated to silly in a hurry. After the Chicago Bulls defeated the Trail Blazers 93-88, Butler told reporters in the visiting locker room at the Moda Center that he was not happy about receiving a technical foul — and the accompanying $2,500 fine — and planned to ask Plumlee to cover the cost. “He cost me $2,500,” Butler told reporters. “I’m not happy about that. I’m going to ask him to pay me back — and I’m not playing.” The incident came with 4:17 left in a competitive game. During a Bulls offensive possession, Butler stepped near the free throw line to set a screen. Plumlee, who was charging in Butler’s direction, plowed through the screen and knocked Butler to the court.
Seham’s public statement included an apparent shot at NBRA nemesis Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks. “Referees operate in an environment in which an influential NBA team owner has repeatedly mocked the efficacy of fines as means to change bad behavior. Recent league precedent dictated that a coach who aggressively charged onto the floor during live action and physically interfered with a referee would be suspended. We are now operating at a lower level with less transparency, degraded safety and diminished respect for the game. Coaches should compete by creating better teams, not by physically intimidating officials.”