Flip Saunders Rumors

Debbie Saunders, courageously trying to cope with the untimely death of beloved husband Flip Saunders at age 60 in October, has become a regular visitor to Target Center to root for the Timberwolves team her husband coached with son Ryan as an assistant. “Every day’s a challenge, but we’re a strong family and we work through every day, day by day,” Debbie said last week. “We miss him every day. We still wonder why (he died), and we still keep trying to move forward. We know we have to move forward.”
Have you been able to kind of take Flip’s passing and get through the mourning and still play well? Karl-Anthony Towns: You know, it’s difficult. It was probably the hardest week we’ll ever have as a team. But we had to go out there and complete his vision. His vision was for us to be the most competitive team we could possibly be, and go out every night and play the hardest that we could. So for us, basketball was the way of just letting all of our emotions out and grieving with the pain.