Floyd Mayweather Rumors

Floyd Mayweather: “Floyd just thinks differently. He thinks outside the box. He always tells me, ‘Don’t let them dictate how you think.’ Think like you’re the greatest. He always tells me, ‘You’re 5-9. You shouldn’t be in the NBA. You’re definitely one of the greatest players in the world. So believe that, work hard, and understand that.’ He never wants you to fit into one particular box. He just wants you to think outside the box.”
Asked about Mayweather’s respect for Thomas, Boston’s point guard noted, “He respects me a lot. A lot of people in his circle, when I’m around they are like, ‘Man, you don’t understand how much Floyd talks about you when you’re not here. He just loves you around.’ I think that’s the little-guy complex, that we gotta stick together. “So I think we relate to each other a lot more than any other athlete that he has relationships with or friendship with. Just from that, we kinda bond and we got a close friendship. Just from us being small and doubted our whole lives.”
Duncan’s body seemed to be saying that around 2010. Given the status of his left knee, surgically repaired in the summer of 2000, his decline seemed to come at an appropriate time. Duncan reacted by changing his diet, and he continued to go to the Spurs’ practice facility to work on his game. But just as his athletic career began in swimming, he continued to search for ways to vary his activity. When he hasn’t been lifting tractor tires, he’s been boxing. James Leija has monitored the latter. He will again starting next month, and he thinks it is this dedication that saves Duncan. Leija says Duncan is like Floyd Mayweather in that he never stops training. “Most guys get hurt because they are out of shape and trying to get it back,” Leija said Saturday. “Tim never gets out of shape.”