France Rumors

Nicolas Batum: “I have not missed a competition with France since 2004, counting the junior National Teams. The decision is taken. I will officially announce it at the end of the NBA Season. I am going to be treated like a mercenary or a coward. But I’ve 127 selections with National Team. I played twice against Blazers’ opinion and I played a Eurobasket with a shoulder injury” Batum said.
Storyline: Eurobasket
Jazz forward Boris Diaw announced today in an official statement that he’s stepping down from his position at JSA Bordeaux. Diaw became the president of French team back in 2010 and also played a couple of games for the team in 2011, during the NBA lockout. The club reached the Pro B, French second division, in 2012 but after making the playoffs, everything went down for Bordeaux. They got relegated to NM1 and then to NM2, French fourth category, last year.