Frank Vogel Rumors

Fournier finished with seven assists for the second game in a row — his highest-assist games this season — delighting coach Frank Vogel. Vogel has told Fournier repeatedly that the Magic don’t necessarily need him to score points as long as he creates opportunities for teammates. “My message to him all year has been that there shouldn’t be any pressure on him,” Vogel said. “The pressure is to make the right play. If that means taking two shots and [having] 12 assists, then that’s the right way to play.”
Zach Oliver: Here’s what Nikola Vucevic had to say regarding tonight’s lineup change. “I spoke to Frank [Vogel] about it last night, and obviously I wasn’t happy with the decision they made,” said Vucevic. “I didn’t think that there was a reason for me to go to the bench, but it’s coaches decision. All I can do is control what I can control, which is when I’m on the court, play to the best of my ability and help the team coin. Stay professional and whatever is going on, I’ll keep giving my best and give them my full effort.”
Despite the season-high in turnovers and the offensive struggles late in the night, Magic head coach Frank Vogel still likes the fight and execution he has seen from his team lately. Orlando is still learning to play for Vogel and to play together with nine new players, but the coach is seeing signs of great promise. “I like where we’re going and I’m encouraged by this group,’’ Vogel said. “We’ll continue to get better on the defensive end and commit to those principles because that’s what we want our identity to be. We’ll grind out the offense and it won’t always be pretty, but we’ll win a lot of games ugly. And that’s OK. It’s going to take time to jell, but I like where the defense is going.’’
Augustin played for two teams in each of the past three seasons. “There was a time where you reach your third or fourth team in a short period of time, and then it’s about survival,” Magic coach Frank Vogel said. “Are you going to extend your career? Are you going to fall out of people’s minds? After he struggled and experienced some failure, he improved. Whatever he did, he put together some really solid performances for a few teams in Chicago, in Detroit, in Denver. He just showed he’s a survivor.”