Frank Vogel Rumors

“With the big lineup, being much more of a scorer with that group and then with the smaller lineups, being a creator,” George said. “We’ve got a lot of shooters and we’ve got guys that can make plays. So [being] another playmaker out there with those three other guys that are making plays on the perimeter, I think, is more the role that I take. And when we’ve got two bigs, being more of a scorer is the role that I take because I’ve got guys who can screen and set me up.” What George is lacking, he said, is consistency between the two. Some of that is tactical based on the opposing lineup. Some of it has been injuries. “We’ve had so many different lineups that it’s hard to get a chemistry and get a feel for one another, regardless of how much practice time you have,” Paul George said. “In games, it’s so much different.”