Fred Hoiberg Rumors

With Kris Dunn’s finger injury, expect that to change. Hoiberg has said Valentine will draw some minutes at backup point guard. “As long as Denzel is out there making simple plays, we’ll be fine,” Hoiberg said. “The one thing about this offense is there’s built-in pressure releases. So if he’s getting pressured, there are other guys who can get into the offense and initiate.”
While acknowledging the work Felicio put in, Hoiberg doesn’t want outside shooting to be his primary focus. Hoiberg said the two open outside shots Felicio buried in the exhibition against the Pelicans in New Orleans were fine. The contested shot he took at Dallas? Not so much. “What we need to get Cris doing again is rolling to the rim,” Hoiberg said. “He’s popping way too often.”