Fred Hoiberg Rumors

Hoiberg said on Tuesday that he wanted Dunn to not worry about feelings and focus on leadership, and it didn’t take long for the message to sink in. “Yeah, I’m trying to do my job,’’ Dunn said. “We’re all men in here. If I’ve gotta be the bad guy I have no problem doing it. They all know I have no bad intentions. When I’m talking to my teammates I’m just trying to go out there and compete and win. And I think everybody is trying to do the same thing as me, so I don’t think they take it as me trying to yell and get everybody in the right position as criticism.’’
One of the first things both Zach LaVine and Fred Hoiberg noticed when they walked into Target Center on Saturday morning was the banner honoring Flip Saunders hanging from the rafters on one end of the arena. “I got a little emotional when I looked up there and saw that,” said Hoiberg, coach of the Chicago Bulls, before Saturday night’s 122-104 loss to the Timberwolves.