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“It’s been really good,” Hoiberg said about his relationship with Rondo. “I talked to several coaches that had Rondo, who have been around him, including Rick Carlisle, who I played for in Indiana; he was an assistant under Larry Bird. He actually was the first guy who came up and talked to me after the trade happened and he said it’s going to be great. He said, ‘I think you guys have the perfect personalities for each other.’ From the minute we signed him and he came to Chicago, I knew he had a chance to be successful. He was very bought in to what we were trying to do, he wanted to come in and watch film; we worked a lot with his shot early in the process and he was around our guys and from the very first moment you could tell guys were going to gravitate toward him because of his voice, his veteran presence. Like all players, you learn a lot from the different situations you have been through. I’m sure that’s the case with Rajon.
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Storyline: Rondo-Hoiberg Dynamic
To understand how much respect the 34-year-old has already garnered during his first week as a Bull, consider that Wade acknowledged Saturday that Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg has given him carte blanche to stop practice whenever he sees fit in order to give his teammates feedback. “No question,” Wade said after Saturday’s practice. “That’s one of the reasons I’m here as well. One of the reasons they were interested in me is because of what I come with from the standpoint of being there. I’ve been to five Finals and have a lot of experience. Sitting down with [Hoiberg] talking about all our young guys and what they can learn from me and also Jimmy [Butler] as well and [Rajon] Rondo as well. As I said in my post, it’s about us policing each other, us three leaders but also passing it down to other guys. So, yes, he gave myself — and I’m sure he gave Rondo and Jimmy — carte blanche to be able to say the things we need to say, but at the same time respect what coach is doing and respect what coach is saying and find your times to talk.”
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Whatever Wade has been doing early in camp has been working for the Bulls from a preparation perspective. Hoiberg called Friday’s practice “the most competitive practice we’ve had here in two years.” Hoiberg sounds pleased with the competitive banter among the teammates. “Guys have been able to talk to each other constructively and have taken it the right way,” Hoiberg said. “When you have that, when you have that type of leadership, I think it gives you a chance.”
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