Fred Hoiberg Rumors

But the bad? How about the Mar. 5, 1-for-11 shooting night against Boston? Or the 3-for-15 in Detroit two weeks ago? “He’s had some really, really good moments for us, including right when he came back when he was on the 20-minute plan,’’ coach Fred Hoiberg said about LaVine this season. “I thought he played great. That first game, he came out and hit his first shot and carried some momentum over those first three games. He had the Minnesota game, which is as good a performance as we’ve had all year from any individual player. He’s had some other good moments as well. I don’t think unexpectedly there’s been some highs and lows throughout this process, as there is with any player that comes back from a lengthy absence from injury like Zach had. […] You have to see the overall package with the athleticism and the ability to shoot with range. I know he’s looking forward to a summer to hopefully get that rhythm back. And we are as well.”
Hoiberg said on Tuesday that he wanted Dunn to not worry about feelings and focus on leadership, and it didn’t take long for the message to sink in. “Yeah, I’m trying to do my job,’’ Dunn said. “We’re all men in here. If I’ve gotta be the bad guy I have no problem doing it. They all know I have no bad intentions. When I’m talking to my teammates I’m just trying to go out there and compete and win. And I think everybody is trying to do the same thing as me, so I don’t think they take it as me trying to yell and get everybody in the right position as criticism.’’