Fred Hoiberg Rumors

You talked with new coach Fred Hoiberg a couple of weeks ago when he visited the Spanish National Team. How was that conversation? Nikola Mirotic: It was a very nice conversation. He’s a great guy that wants to be close to the players. It’s still very early to say how things will go, but we have big goals. We know he’s a very offensive-minded coach, which perhaps is what the team needed – to play with more freedom. We have very talented offensive players that can score in the open court. I’m personally looking forward to starting the new season with him.
via HoopsHype
“Well, I think offense wasn’t really too much of an issue last year,” Gasol said on a conference call from South Africa, where he’s taking part in the NBA’s Basketball Without Borders event, which culminates with the first-ever NBA exhibition in Africa on Aug. 1. “We have a lot of talent offensively, and I think we’ll play with better flow offensively with Fred. We’ll have more freedom to play in transition and explore our abilities as individuals and as a team. As long as we understand that defense wins championships and makes the difference, and make sure we don’t neglect that side, we should be fine.”