Free Agency Rumors

“It’s conceivable we could win 40 games and have the fifth pick, which I’d take,” Cuban said. “We’re balanced, which means the bad teams are winning more games, which means we can play better and get better and get a good pick.” Cuban understands the way for bad teams to improve is through free agency and the draft. “Eyes on the prize, eyes on the prize,” Cuban said. “You see Dennis making strides every day. People forget Yogi is effectively a rookie. There’s a lot guys that are still learning to play.
As for how Houston could find a way to give max salary contracts starting at $35 million annually to both James (who has a player option worth $35.3 million for next season) and Paul (who will be a free agent) without the necessary cap space, Morey would indeed have to become a salary cap gymnast. The NBA salary cap is expected to be $101 million next season, and the Rockets are, well, capped out. But Morey is one of the league’s renowned risk takers, the kind of relentless executive who might already have hypothetical trades lined up for players like Ryan Anderson and others who would have to go for the Rockets to be able to sign one of the greatest players of all time in James. It’s also seen as possible that, like Kevin Durant did last summer with the Warriors, Paul could take less money to make James’ salary fit.
Where is Nerlens Noel going to have the surgery? In Cleveland, hometown of LeBron James and a headquarters for agent Rich Paul, who reps both LeBron and Noel and yeah, it’s kind of an open secret now that the fellas are plotting ways to end up together, maybe next July 1 via free agency to the Los Angeles Lakers.
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