Free Agency Rumors

“Coach [Stevens] definitely said [he wants me back],” said Turner. “He said he’ll be pushing for me and everything like that. And that’s pretty much it. But there’s a lot of stuff that’s going on right now. I understand it. And I understand what’s going to occur, with the draft picks and the young guys trying to develop and trying to get a superstar, stuff like that. I definitely comprehend it.” After going through exit interviews with Celtics brass on Friday, Turner said that a winning organization is at the top of his offseason wish list. He said “money’s cool” but he prefers a situation where he can play and compete for a title.
Storyline: Evan Turner Free Agency
Probed about his impending free agency on Friday, Turner noted he doesn’t like to fly, so he’s not planning any sort of league-wide trek to meet with interested teams. And he’s not obsessing about how things will ultimately play out. “I don’t really know what I think about during the day, but it’s not [free agency],” said Turner. “It’ll be cool. Once again, I’ll stay out of trouble until then, and try to keep bettering myself and growing.”
Your contract with the Sacramento Kings is getting over by next month, What are your future plans? Will you extend the contract or will like to be drafted to a different team? Seth Curry: Yeah, I am thinking on that. I’ve left a few games with the Kings. I love my club – Sacramento Kings and I like the team and enjoy my game there with my mates. It will be really difficult for me to move on to a new club, but it would be early to say that there’s no possibility.