Fuenlabrada Rumors

The Bobcats spared no effort trying to resolve this. Aside from their in-house attorney, Andre Walters, and general manager Rich Cho (who has a law degree) the team retained a New York law firm and a local attorney fluent in Spanish to aid in the talks. Negotiating on Biyombo’s behalf, they made one last offer of about $1.5 million — $525,000 to be paid by the Bobcats and the rest by Biyombo. That offer was rejected as the meetings with Fuenlabrada broke up Thursday. Biyombo kept sitting out practice, looking more glum by the day. Higgins began seriously considering the possibility the No. 7 pick might never play this season.”I was so afraid for the kid,” Higgins said. “Every time we felt like there was a clear-cut resolution, something would change. Always a different speed bump along the road.”
via Charlotte Observer