Gar Forman Rumors

KC Johnson: Rondo indeed met w/ Gar Forman & John Paxson late Saturday. Save for Boylen incident, front office has lauded Rondo’s professionalism. Rondo told reporters he’d keep working, which is what meeting centered on. Hoiberg hasn’t ruled out using him w/ 2nd unit at some point. If Rondo remains out of rotation in February, would look for movement then. Until then, status quo.
A source told early Saturday evening a buyout hadn’t been discussed, but that was before the game and things can change quickly. “I’m gonna explode…No, I’m not,” said Rondo when asked what he’d do if the benching continued. “I’m gonna continue to work, get some work in, play some one on one. Take care of my body, lift and give these young guys as much advice while I’m on the bench.”
Storyline: Bulls Front Office
Rondo signed a two-year, $27.4 million deal, but the second year carries only a $3 million guarantee. If the Bulls chose to waive Rondo — and there aren’t yet indications they plan to do so — that $3 million can be stretched over three seasons for an annual $1 million salary-cap hit. Hoiberg met with Rondo, who holds little trade value, Saturday morning at the Advocate Center.