George David Rumors

Phil Norment also said that interim coach John Loyer has been promised to be “part of the process” in the pursuit of a permanent head coach, and the same for assistant general manager George David and director of basketball operations Ken Catanella in the general manager pursuit. Realistically, their best hopes probably are to be retained in something less than the head coach or GM roles. Meantime, Loyer toils in his office, David and Catanella prepare for the draft, and everyone waits.
During the transition, Director of Basketball Operations Ken Catanella and Assistant General Manager George David will continue preparing for the upcoming NBA Draft and free agency signing period, reporting to ownership executives Phil Norment and Bob Wentworth. Mr. Norment said the organization has developed a preliminary list of candidates that includes “the best executives in the business,” but he declined to place a specific timetable on selecting a replacement. Mr. Dumars will continue his relationship with the franchise as an advisor to the organization and its ownership team. “It’s time to turn the page on a wonderful chapter and begin writing a new one,” Dumars said. “I’ve had the pleasure of working with some great people throughout the last 29 years as both a player and executive, and I’m proud of our accomplishments. Tom Gores and ownership is committed to winning and they will continue to move the franchise forward.”
Clippers guard Chauncey Billups, the 2004 Finals MVP when the Pistons won their last title, recalls a night when the team was on the road and an ice storm hit the Detroit area. Worried about his family, Billups got a call from David asking if he needed anyone to check on his wife and daughters. Billups, who has played for seven teams in 15 seasons, said that kind of stuff is rare. “It is rare because he was a scout,” Billups said. “It wasn’t like he needed to scout me. I was already on the team. “Really we could have went along my whole six years there and not even really spoke or have a relationship because I was already on the team. Everything he did was out of the kindness of his heart — just trying to make sure people enjoyed their experience while they were there.”
The Pistons must have liked David’s report because they signed Kravtsov to a three-year, $4.5-million deal in July. But his trip from that airport is probably one of the zaniest stories of the Farmington native’s career with the Pistons — one that began when he was hired in 1996 as the video coordinator fresh out of college and has continued on to his promotion as assistant general manager in July. In his 15-plus years with the organization, David, 39, has typically gone beyond what is asked of him. He has stood out because of an ability to solve problems and impress with his laid-back demeanor — even when wayward Ukrainian drivers flip the script. David grew up worshipping the Pistons, like many in the Detroit area, but for one huge difference — his dad was the Pistons’ director of concessions.
And if things improve on the floor, he could have other opportunities, like those that developed for predecessors John Hammond (Bucks GM) and Scott Perry (Magic assistant GM). But those thoughts aren’t dominant. “It would be a goal of mine to eventually do it, but I can honestly say that if the rest of my career path is simply being the No. 2 person to Joe Dumars, in a lot of ways I can honestly tell you that would be a complete career,” David said.
The Detroit Pistons have promoted George David from director of player personnel to assistant general manager, the club announced today. David, who is entering his 15th season with the Pistons, will be in charge of dad-to-day basketball operations and will assist president of basketball operations Joe Dumars. He will continue to handle personnel issues while assisting in roster development and coordinating league and company-wide administrative duties.